Tips on How to make kefir in Nigeria, ingredients and recipes used to prepare kefir in Nigeria.

How to make milk kefir – fermented drink?

The last time I wrote on fermented foods, the feedback was impressive thus I decided to discuss about the how’s of some of these fermented foods.

Milk kefir is a delicious and healthy probiotic milk or non diary milk drink similar to yoghurt. It is imbued with more benefits than yoghurt as it is a great way to colonise the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

How to make kefir in Nigeria
Fermented Kefir

Needless to say that the digestive system health is synonymous to sound body health. The more the reason we should watch what we feed it so it won’t be ” garbage in garbage out” – GIGO. A healthy digestive system helps the body to optimise extraction and assimilation of nutrients from food ingested. This beneficial bacteria eliminate the pathogens cause a whole lot of health issues we are bedevilled with today.

How to make kefir in Nigeria

To make coconut milk kefir these are the

Ingredients and recipes:

👉2 large coconut fruit.
👉Activated milk kefir grains

Instructions :

Blend the coconut after removing the husk with water.

Extract the coconut milk with a strainer.

Add the kefir grains to the coconut milk.
Stir with non metal spoon.

Cover with a cloth and secure by a rubber band.
Culture at room temperature

After 12 hrs check every few hours till the consistency is desired.

It can be taken plain or flavoured with cocoa, cinnamon or vanilla.

Kefir fermented drink is very very hard to get in Nigeria even in Lagos and Abuja… It is better you learn how to prepare kefir drink at home without stress.

Some benefits of kefir you cannot ignore

1. Kefir is a probiotic which help promote gut health and improve digestion

2. Kefir is rich in calcium and helps prevents osteoporosis.

3. Has anticancer properties

4. Fermented Kefir has antibacterial properties

5. Kefir is excellent for lactose intolerant persons as we as stomach ulcer patients.

6. Kefir is very rich in nutrients. It contains more proteins than egg

7. Kefir is good for the skin

8. Kefir is useful in the development of strong bones and teeth

9. Kefir boosts the immune system

10. Kefir is very important in the treatment of vagina yeast infection. Kefir helps to restore the vaginal flora and treats vaginal infections.

11. Kefir is a great source of calcium

Every body including children and pregnant women can drink kefir fermented milk.

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