How to make tigernut fufu swallow + How to make tiger nut flour. Tiger nut flour recipes, Benefits of tiger nut chaff, how to make tiger nut swallow.

If you have been trashing the chaff from tigernut after squeezing out its milk, you are seriously wasting our resources. This chaff can serve as swallow and I want to show you how to convert it into swallow or call it solid food if you prefer it that way.

How to make tigernut fufu swallow
Tigernuts fufu swallow with soup

First of all, you see the kunun aya, Ofio or tigernut milk you cosume, the chaff should also be preserved for consumption too. It’s highly nutritious.

After squeezing out the milk, you dry it until it becomes completely dehydrated(without moisture).

The next step is to take it to a dry mill and grind into smooth powder form like the way semo is. Seive it at home and preserve in a transparent container.

How to make tigernut fufu swallow + How to make tiger nut flour. Tiger nut flour recipes

Anytime, you want to eat your favourite soup, here is what to do:

👉Boil one cup of water and save half cup of it for the finishing stage.

👉Add half teaspoon of flax seed powder or psyllium husk with two cups of tigernut powder and mix. Flax seed or psyllium husk powder are excellent binder.

👉Slowly add the mixture of both powders into the half water boiling and stir at the same time. Keep stirring until it comes together and form a thickness.

👉Add the remaining half cup of water into the dough and close the pot to allow it simmer for one minute.

👉Open the pot and stir finally and your tigernut swallow is ready.

👉Serve with any soup of your choice.

Benefits of tiger nut chaff swallow fufu

Do you know that tigernut swallow is low in carb and gluten-free. It is also rich in fibre. So increase your intake of fibre if you are constipating and finding it hard to excrete with ease. This fibre when consumed can also reduce your risk of hemorrhoid or lump around the anal system. Tiger nuts fufu swallow is very keto compliant and Keto friendly.

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