Between Salt and Maggi which is better in making food tasty? Is salt better than Maggi cubes?

When it comes to cooking, is salt better and healthier than Maggi cubes?

More Spice Less Sodium containing #salt and #Maggi cubes.

Truth be told, food without salt is “tasteless”, however it is important to note that watching your salt intake is taking a step the right direction.

Of course everyone dreams to live long without health complications.. Yet most people do not really know how much damage they do to their bodies, with the amount of salt and seasoning cubes/powder they consume. This is serious business as the results of taking a just a little more sodium the body requires include high blood pressure, more complications for persons with health conditions like diabetes,results to extra body fluid and may cause swelling, shortness of breath, weight gain, and a lots more.

Salt and Maggi which is better?
Salt and Maggi, which is better?

So it is advisable to reduce the amount of salt and seasoning cubes/powder you consume and introduce more spices and herbs in your foods. They are natural and safe.

Spices give you mind blowing results and the heath benefits are endless, adding a little more onions and garlic to you meals will not only give you wonder taste but save you some money(reducing your periodical visits to the hospital), just imagine when you add things like alligator pepper, Nigerian allspices (pepper soupmix)..alligator pepper, nutmeg, black pepper..sesame seeds, mustard leafs/seeds..etc.. to cook a meal.

The health benefits are endless.. You’ll find out that with time that more spices will help you live healthier and longer with no complications.

VERDICT: Salt and Maggi are very essential for cooking tasty foods and they are almost indepensible in our food menu and kitchen…..Healthwise, there is no much difference between Salt and #maggi because maggi actually contains large amount of salts (sodium). Both #salt and maggi are injurious to out health when consumed in large amounts.

The sodium content of salt and #maggi and cause hypertension, fluid retention and kidney failure. So, cannot really say or prefer salt to Maggi cubes OR any seasoning cubes or powder. Same way one cannot choose Maggi over salt… None is better. They are one and the same… Both salt and #maggi contain sodium when when consumed in excess can shut down the kidneys, cause puffiness and cause high blood pressure.

It is better to use spices to make your meal tasty than using salt and Maggi.

So Spice up your Life Today..

And build a healthier Tomorrow..

So if you don’t mind, mention at list two in #indigenous spices/herds you know can add colour and taste to your meals..

This article is the intellectual property of with contributions from Chidiegwu Hygenius Chinyere .


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