Is Three Crown milk good for weight gain or weight loss? Is Three crown milk a skimmed milk?

Is three crowns milk good for weight gain or weight weight loss?

It is controversial:

Three crowns milk has been advertised rigorously by its manufacturer as a low fat, low cholesterol, low calorie and low sugar skimmed milk that is good for weight loss and diabetics. It is believed that because There Crowns Milk is low in fat, it is not suitable for weight gain rather it is best for persons trying to lose weight and shed some fat especially belly fat. Three crowns milk is seen as lean milk with low or non fat by weight watchers so they consume lots of it and add it to their weight loss regimen. An athlete once told that he once struggled with weight gain which affected his career badly… but he was able to get back to fitness and the desired weight after he paid a visit to the dietitian… He said the nutritionist placed him some meal plan that included low fat and low calories weight loss foods, and to his greatest surprise, Three crowns milk was one of the recommended diary products for reducing weight.

Is Three Crown milk good for weight gain or weight loss?
Is Three Crown milk good for weight gain or weight loss?

There is also a school of thought that believes, milk no matter the preparation will always contain too much fat and calorie and so can be used by people trying to gain weight and become avoided by persons trying to lose weight. This means, Three crowns milk may be a lean skimmed milk advertised to be low in fat and cholesterol, it can still make someonw fat. Three crowns milk can be used to gain weight, add some flesh, and become fat. A lady once told that she was once skinny but she became fat after drinking all sorts of dairy products including the so called skimmed and low fat peak milk and three crowns milk.

VERDICT: it is still not very clear if three crowns milk can make one fat or make one slim… It is not still clear-cut the role of three crowns milk in weight gain or weight loss. Every concept is still at best speculative. To be on a safe side…If you want to gain weight, you can consume lots of three crowns milk to see if you will add some pounds and also, if you want to lose weight, you better avoid milk products like three crowns milk or Dano milk or peak milk since there is still this belief that “all milk have the capability of causing weight gain.”

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