List of items required during delivery in Uganda. Ugandan maternity baby delivery list you must bring to the hospital during lack.

Are you pregnant and expecting to give birth soon in one of the Ugandan hospitals? Then read this to know about Ugandan delivery kit.

A group of nurses and midwives in Uganda came together to draw up a list of delivery pack for expectant mothers…. This is more or less like a Ugandan Maama Kit – Labor and delivery kit items in Uganda

Here is the list of Uganda hospital delivery pack for both mom and baby….

List of items required during delivery in Uganda.


1. Nailcutter set
2. Hair/comb set
3. Cardigan and sweater
4. Stockings,cap and handglove to protect baby from cold.
5. 5 short sleeve pinups
6. 5 long sleevepinups
7. Cover all.
8. Baby bib
9. Flannel and blankets or wrapper.
10. Mouth towel to clean spittle.
11. Spirit and cotton wool to clean novel.
12. Penicillin or blueseal Vaseline to rub on circumcision for baby boys or in case of nipple crack or injury.
13. Baby wipes
14. Baby hair oil.
15. Preferred baby body cream or oil.
16. Baby bed or cot based on your budget cos it’s not too good for baby to lie on same bed with you cos of sensitive skin.
17. Baby feeding bottles, plates and spoon.
18. Glucose D or NAN incase you haven’t produced breast milk yet it can be given with warm boiled water for the first day.
19. Diapers,3kg-6kg for newborn
20. Hot water flask.
21. Baby pack bag
22. Baby carrier or wrapper.
22. Baby bath towel.
23. Baby sponge.
24. Baby bath set as it has a special bucket,soap dish and potty for the baby.
25. Baby laundry soap.
26. Baby drawer or clothes box( based on budget)
27. Navel clip.
28. Dettol/savlon
29. Baby nasal extractor
30. Baby powder and balm.
31. Your phone and phone charger
32. ATM card if you will need money.

List of items required during delivery in Uganda
All Ugandan pregnant women are given a list of hospital delivery pack


1. Provisions for tea
2. Fruits should be always available for strength and nutrients to replenish blood and breastmilk.
3. Anything else you need to keep you happy and relaxed.
4. Free clothes.
5. Mothercare bra.
6. Comfit pads.
7. Delivery mat.
8. Razor blades cos there might be a need to shave to avoid your pubic hair from infecting or wounding the baby.
9. Breast pad to avoid milk spill stains.
10. Toiletries, sponge and towels incase you need to bath.
11. Recharge card, phone and charger
12. Some money and even ATM card to pay bills.

Please feel free to add yours and shared because someone might definitely need this.

May our good Lord provide everything we need to welcome our baby or babies and may all the resources be made available, Amen.

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