Is fufu good for high blood pressure (hypertension)?

Is for good for patients with high blood pressure? Can a person with hypertension eat fufu?

I will get back to this question…. But first read this.

Fufu is a traditional African food eaten with clean bare hands. It’s paired with African Soup, which is usually thick and filled with meat, fish, and assorted spices. Fufu can be made from cassava, oatmeal, plantains, African yams, wheat, and semolina. Keto versions are made with cabbage, egg plant, cauliflower etc. To eat, wash hands, make a small ball with your fufu, dip into the soup and swallow. Do not chew or the fufu “gods” will catch you.

Is fufu good for high blood pressure (hypertension)?
Is fufu good for high blood pressure (hypertension)? Yes.

See there is nothing wrong in eating fufu or satana or akpu if you are hypertensive or have high blood pressure. Enjoy you fufu please. Also people with high blood pressure can eat eba or garri… It is completely safe.

People with high blood pressure are only medically advised to avoid foods high or rich in sodium (an element found in cooking salt). This is sodium has been implicated in worsening and causing elevated blood pressure or hypertension. Fufu or eba though high in calorie, they do not contain sodium, so they are safe in hypertensive patients. A person suffering from high blood pressure should avoid foods which are rich in sodium anyway.

Fufu and eba can cause weight gain though, weight gain is not good for people living with hypertension…. So eat fufu with moderation if you are hypertensive.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is one of the most common clinical conditions which can be encountered in clinical practice. Patients with hypertension can manifest with symptoms like headache, dizziness and nape pain . However there are also patients who do not have symptoms ( asymptomatic ) or who manifest subtle symptoms such as fatigue.

Once diagnosed, there can be several approaches in managing patients with this condition, depending on the stage of the hypertension. Such management includes lifestyle modification, diet modification, BP monitoring and taking of maintenance medications.

Stay safe and healthy and always take care of your heart. ❤️

Summary: There is no relationship between high blood pressure and eating fufu. Fufu does not increase blood pressure and hypertensive. Eat it freely. It is safe. Eating akpu with moderation is key to prevent weight gain.

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