EDMARK SPLINA Liquid Chlorophyll:Side Effects, Health Benefits, dosage, ingredients, composition, Functions and Uses of Edmark splina. Edmark splina dosage

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment of the plant. It is essential for plants survival because it is Agent for Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis occurs as plants take in sunlight and with that energy, chlorophyll changes water and carbon dioxide obtained from the air into food for the plant. In other words, it is Plant’s Life Force. There are leaves that are scientifically proven to have more medicinal and quality Chlorophyll. For instance, Mulberry and Alfalfa are known to have the most quality Chlorophyll in the world.

But Mulberry chlorophyll is discovered to be 20% more quality than that of Alfalfa and that is why Edmark has decided to use the chlorophyll from the Mulberry leaves.

Do you know that every health benefit that Chlorophyll offers is being discovered by one health expert or another? For example, in 1913, Dr.Richard Willstatter, a chemist from Germany discovered through,research that Chlorophyll cleanses the blood and builds red blood cells in no time.

He further stated that chlorophyll, if ingested in its liquid form,that it is easily assimilated by the human body and will never change until it reaches the small intestine. Not only him so many known scientists, discovering different health benefits of chlorophyll.

EDMARK Splina ingredients

With chlorophyll as is main ingredient Edmark splina also has compositions like vitamins A, C and E, Zinc, Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.

Benefits of EDMARK Splina Liquid Chlorophyll

Removes Toxins Through Feces

Liquid Chlorophyll heals chronic conditions both internally and externally, and development of toxic bacteria. It counteracts toxins in the bones, blood tissues, and intestines; the result is that the body heals faster.

Consumed food undergoes changes in our body in about a day. Therefore, we must get rid of such unwanted food residue from the body. Otherwise, it will accumulate in the big intestine and become toxic, which is hazardous to our

Liquid Chlorophyll improves the digestive system and bowel movement to discharge the toxic faeces from the body.

Disease causing bacteria find it difficult to live in the presence of liquid chlorophyll. In the colon, liquid chlorophyll helps keep the colon healthy by destroying disease causing bacteria.

Edmark splina liquid chlorophyll
Drinking Edmark splina liquid chlorophyll is beneficial to health.

It works well in eliminating body odours, abscesses, and other skin sores in people as well as animals. Infact, it’s a great help for any digestive problems, constipation, or diarrhea.

It helps in increasing peristaltic action and relieving constipation. It works in purifying the liver by eliminating old toxic material.

Reduces Pesticide Residue And Toxins

Liquid Chlorophyll effectively reduces toxin caused by pesticides and chemicals in the body. It traps and forms complexes with mutagens. Liquid chlorophyll also facilitates the degradation of toxic metabolite

Balance Body Acid-Alkali Level

Balances body acid-alkali levels to maintain good health. Liquid chlorophyll provides an excellent source of health – promoting nutrients. Because liquid chlorophyll’s composition contains calcium, it is highly useful for people as well as animals with arthritis, bone diseases, and hip dysplasia. It is very high in RNA and DNA and has been
found to protect against the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Aids in increasing red blood cell count

Liquid Chlorophyll assists red blood cells generation to ensure sufficient oxygen and nutrients for cell regeneration. The brain and all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly oxygenated environment.

It has been roughly estimated, that in a normally developed healthy adult, there are approximately 600,000,000 air cells composing the lungs, and 80 gallons of oxygen (400 gallons of air) are inspired in 24 hours. But how does this enormous quantity of oxygen get into the blood?

Iron is the magnetic element which extracts oxygen, and it there is sufficient iron in the blood, as it passes through the lungs, it will take up the gaseous oxygen, condense it into liquid, and generate hemoglobin, which releases it to the cells and tissues, enabling them to breathe out their carbon-dioxide and other waste gases, and re-absorb the life-giving oxygen.

🔷Reduces Wrinkles and Aging

Edmark splina Liquid chlorophyll is an antioxidant – it has the ability to scavenge free radicals. It also improves the body’s natural free-radical fighting ability by increasing the levels of certain enzymes that help in this process. It acts as a superb antioxidant to help support the body in maintaining healthy tissue and fighting the effect of aging. The results are smoother skin, clearer complexion and youthful looks.

🔷Promotes Cell Regeneration and Boosts the Immune System

As chlorophyll helps to thicken and strengthen the walls of the cells, it is also a nutritional aid for the immune system. As a nutritional supplement it accelerates tissue cell activity and normal re-growth of cells which helps the body heal faster.

The following is a list of disease conditions that have either improved or cleared up entirely by using liquid chlorophyll in conjunction with a super foods:

– Hepatitis and other liver diseases
– All forms of anemia
– Asthma and hayfever
– Pyorrhea
– Varicose veins
– Hemorrhoids
– Ulcers – internal and external
– High and Low blood sugar
– Offensive body odors
– Sore throat

Actually, chlorophyll will assist in correcting any imbalance in the body due in part to its high bio-available iron content. This allows the body to utilize more oxygen, aiding in the removal of accumulated toxins. We also know that the internal use of chlorophyll strengthens the cells and inhibits bacterial growth.

🔷Splina and Fertility

Edmark splina helps boost fertility in both males and females. In women, Edmark splina boost ovulation, enhances libido and regularises menstruation thereby increasing their chances getting pregnant especially in women trying to conceive. In men, edmark splina chlorophyll increase sperm count, sperm motility and sperm production. Splina prevents premature and treats weak erection.

🔷Edmark Splina for ulcer

Edmark splina has stomach ulcer healing ability and also helps to relieve ulcer pains.

🔷Edmark splina and weight loss

Edmark splina liquid chlorophyll is believed to help promote weight loss or weight reduction form anecdotal studies. Edmark splina is a slimming tea and burns excess calories and belly fat.

🔷Edmark splina and cancer

Drinking Edmark splina reduces the chances of once getting liver, colon and stomach cancers.


Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll – possesses 3 main functions; cleansing, balancing, and nourishing. These enable us to have a stronger body and better health.

1. Cleansing – Balances the digestive system, assists in purifying blood, eliminates bacteria, disinfects and detoxifies.

2. Balancing: Balances body acid-alkali level, boosts the functions of the body system.

3. Nourishing – Assists in red blood cell regeneration, enhances .

NOTE: Drink at least 6-10 glasses of water with Splina liquid Chlorophyll per day. Chlorophyll is rich in:
1. Zinc
2. Selenium
3.Vitamin E
4. Vitamin C
5. Vitamin A
6. Protein
7. Biotin
8. Folic acid
9. Pantothenic Acid
10. Calcium
11. Chromium
12. Phosphorus
13. Potassium
14. Magnesium
15. Iron

Who Should Drink Edmark Splina Liquid Chlorophyll?

– People with liver problems
– People with respiratory problems
– People with rheumatism
– Anemic people
– Those with pale complexions
– People with weight problems
– Very skinny people
– Very fat people
– Smokers and those who consume alcohol frequently
– Those who dislike eating vegetables
– Those who suffer from constipation
– Those who experience menstrual pain
– Those who often catch cold
– Those who often have sore throats
– People with body odor and bad breath
– Busy and stressful people
– Easily fatigued people
– Those who often eat out

Edmark splina dosage..How to take Edmark Splina

How to use Edmark Splina. For daily intake of Edmark splina Liquid Chlorophyll, add one tablespoon of edmark splina into a glass of water, stir well and drink at lest three times a day. It can be taken anytime as it provides you with the essential nutrients for better



👉abdominal cramps


👉passage of black, greenish OR yellow stool which can be mistaken for gastrointestinal bleeding problems.

In summary:

Since the discovery of chlorophyll’s healing properties, many other therapeutic applications of this green substance have been tried successfully. As you can see, liquid chlorophyll is an essential item to have in your home medicine box.

Indeed, liquid chlorophyll is non-toxic, safe and soothing to body tissues, so it’s considered very safe for people of all ages. It is actually a whole food, not a drug. You need to do your part as well. Learn to clean up your diet and exercise.

Edmark splina liquid chlorophyll is a nutritional drink made of fresh and pure liquid chlorophyll from white mulberry leaves. It’s a rich source of natural minerals, vitamins, proteins, trace elements and antioxidants.

* Functions, uses and health benefits of edmark splina liquid chlorophyll:

(1) balance body ph levels.
(2) cleanses digestive system.
(3) helps repair and rebuild joints and muscles.
(4) repairs damaged cells by boosting body immune system.
(5) oxygenates the blood.
(6) normalize blood sugar level.
(7) soothes abdominal pain.
(8) eliminates mouth & body odor.
(9) lowers blood pressure.
(10) takes care of arthritis.
(11) blood purifier.
(12) removes toxins inhaled from pesticides and insecticides.
(13) promotes weight loss.
(14) takes care of peptic ulcers.
(15) takes care of irritable bowel syndrome.
(16) cleanses the liver and kidneys. Good for frequent smokers and alcohol drinkers.
(17) promotes fertility in men & women.
(18) Edmark splina is good for diabetic patients.
(19) Edmark splina liquid chlorophyll is good for nursing or breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women and infants.

Edmark splina liquid chlorophyll is not FDA approved but it works according to the testimonials and reviews I have read.

This article is the intellectual property of www.nimedhealth.com.ng with contributions from Edmark.


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