Kini Iwulo ewe ogbo? What is ewe ogbo used for? Health Benefits Of #Ewe #Ogbo

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👉ewe ogbo in English : African parquetina

👉ewe ogbo botanical name: parquetina nigrescens.

👉uses of ewe ogbo and milk

👉Pictures and images of ewe ogbo

👉#ewe #ogbo leaves

👉Asiri ewe ogbo means the secrets of ewe ogbo

👉how to use ewe ogbo for eda (sperm leakage)

Parquetina nigrescens is popularly called #ewe #ogbo in yoruba language, African parquetina in English language, kwankwanin in hausa language, mgbidin gbe in igbo language, and Otonta in delta igbo (Asaba).

Kini Iwulo ewe ogbo? What is ewe ogbo used for?

1. #Ewe #ogbo leaf is very effective in the treatment of anemia and low blood volume (low packed cell volume or low hemoglobin concentration). #Ewe #ogbo leaves are very rich in iron, an element good in boosting the production of red blood cells, especially those that are lacking blood/blood shortage.

How to use #ewe #ogbo to boost red blood cell production and treats iron deficiency anaemia -:

Get about ten leaves and squeeze it with a glass of water and sieve. Take half cup mix with milk (peak milk or Three Crowns Milk) and drink once a day. Pregnant woman can drink this too twice a week. This is good for blood cleansing and blood production.

2. This leaf cures anaemia.

How to use-: squeeze some of the #ewe #ogbo leaves with water and mix it with maltina or milk to increase your red blood blood cell production.

Kini Iwulo ewe ogbo? What is ewe ogbo used for?
This picture is the image of ewe ogbo leaf

3. How to use #ewe #ogbo leaf for Eda (sperm leakage) and watery sperm.

#Ewe #ogbo leaf also cures watery sperm/ Eda. How to use-: wash the leaves, squeeze out the juice with little water and sieve. Take 2 shots morning and night before meal till you see changes. #Ewe #ogbo increase sperm count, thicken sperm, improves libido, cures premature ejaculation, cures weak erection and thicken sperm. Ewe ogbo and milk cures eda.

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Natures blood booster-parquetina nigrescens (#ewe #Ogbo)

Do you need fast blood or you want to boost your blood level?

Parquetina nigrescens(#ewe #Ogbo) is the right natural blood booster and purifier for you.
Get this leaves, it’s called parquetina nigrescens (#Ewe #Ogbo in Yoruba).

Is still the fastest blood supplier I have ever know, during pregnancy.. After surgical operation or as the need be. It supply blood like no other blood capsule usage or pharmaceutical multivitamins.


squeeze the parquetina nigrescens leaves, don’t add any water please, Extract the juice and add half or full tin of milk depending on the quantity..

Dosage; Drink one (1) glass cup full or half a cup of #ewe #ogbo juice once a day for three days.

After 14 days, go and do your Packed Cell Volume Test (PCV). The result will amaze you.

Also this #ewe #ogbo leaves mixed with milk also cure stomach ache, stomach ulcer and sperm leakage in woman.


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