Can A pregnant woman take nkwobi and isi ewu? is nkwobi good for pregnant woman?

Isi ewu is prepared goat head in palm oil sauce while nkwobi is cow leg in palm oil sauce.

▪1 kg of cow foot
▪15cl (150ml) palm oil
▪8 utazi leaves
▪1 cup of Ugba
▪4 seasoning cubes
▪4 ehuru seeds (calabash nutmeg)
▪Potash (Akanwu/kaun/keun)
▪Fresh pepper (to taste)
▪2 medium onions
▪Salt (to taste)
▪2 tablespoons ground Crayfish
▪Beef meat mixed spices (to taste)
▪Potash or ngu or baking soda
▪Fresh or dry peppers
▪Sliced utazi leaves
▪Sliced ring onions
▪Sliced peppers (optional)


You will need:

✳️ 1 Goat Head
✳️ 15 cl (150ml) Red Palm Oil
✳️ 2 teaspoons ground Ehu seeds (Calabash Nutmeg)
✳️ 1 tablespoon powdered edible potash (Akanwu)
✳️ 2 big beef flavored stock cubes
✳️ 2 medium onions (1 to cook,1 to garnish)
✳️ About 10 Utazi leaves
✳️ 2 habanero peppers
✳️ Salt (to taste)

From the ingredients listed above, you can see that both nkwobi and isi ewu contain potash (akaun). Potash is very unsafe in pregnancy and pregnant women should never eat foods that contain potash (akanwu). This is because potash can induce abortion leading miscarriage and pregnancy loss. Kaun strongly causes uterine contractions leading to antepartum bleeding and foetal loss(death).

Can A pregnant woman take nkwobi and Isi ewu?
Can A pregnant woman take nkwobi and Isi ewu?

To be on a safe side during pregnancy if you are craving isi ewu or nkwobi, make sure you make it yourself…. With this, you are sure you are going to be eating nkwobi or isi ewu without potash. Yes, you can make isi ewu OR nkwobi without adding potash or kaun. Potash-less nkwobi and isi ewu are safe in pregnancy.

Don’t forget isi ewu also contain ugba as a compulsory ingredient… Ugba is not safe in pregnancy as it can induce miscarriage by causing uterine contractions…However, ugba is not used to prepare isi ewu. So isi ewu without potash is good good for pregnant women but I cannot say the same for nkwobi.

To be on a safe side, all women should avoid eating nkwobi or isi ewu altogether…any food or drug whose intake is controversial during pregnancy should be avoided.

Please ensure you eat the right foods when pregnant… Eat foods that will keep you and your baby healthy and alife. Also avoid foods that could harm your baby it cause miscarriage.

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