Does sitting on hot water tighten the virginia? What does hot water do to the Virginia?

It is now an open secret that ladies and many women sit on hot water with or without salt for vigina tightening. How do the ladies do this….it is easy ..they simply boil some water and put salt , garlic or cloves and sit on it or douche with it for tightening. Some ladies dont add anything to the boiled water, they simply wash inside their body with it and they believe it will help them treat their vaginal laxity and looseness.

Let us hear from the horses’ mouths 👇

What does hot water do to the Virginia?Does sitting on hot water tighten the virginia?

I interviewed some ladies recently on the streets of Lagos Nigeria and here is what they had to say about using hot water for tightening. The answers whether hot water works for Virginia tightening were mixed… controversial.

Their responses:


Well, I have used hot water to douche very well for tightening even during my period…I also do it to remove yeast infection. I noticed that I usually feel tight and clean after sitting on hot water. Sometimes I add salt or garlic…it makes me feel tight better.

Does sitting on hot water tighten the virginia?
Using hot water for tightening in ladies

Rosemary Egbom

I have given birth to 3 kids and I must tell you that childbirth through the vagina canal made me felt loose and lax. But when I started sitting on hot or warm salted water every morning before stepping out, I felt inside my body has become tight again. I nearly lost my sexual confidence because of my vaginal laxity but salt and hot water rescued me.


I learnt sitting on hot water helps in virginia tightening from a female friend, I tried it and it worked. If you add cloves or garlic to the hot water and sit or steam with it, it will help you treat vagina infections like yeast infection.

Blessing akpota

See, i tried sitting in hot salt water so as to get some tightness but I was unfortunate, I burnt my genitals badly.


I read somewhere that sitting on hot water helps in tightening but I tried it and it didn’t work for me. I still felt as loose as ever even after doing it several times with garlic, cloves and salt. I am saving up money now to go for vaginal rejuvenation and vaginoplasty.


Well, I don’t know if it helps in vigina tightening…what I have experienced is that my menstrual flow comes easy and my menstrual cramps relieves me when I sit on hot water during my periods. As for tightness I don’t know. I am a virgin. Sitting on hot water also treat toilet infections.


See, after giving birth, I felt so loose and lax …even my husband noticed it. I was encouraged to be sitting on hot water morning and evening to help me feel that tight again. I tried it for 6months and it didnt work. It was vagina surgery that saved me…yes I had vaginoplasty.


Sitting on hot water help me treat my recurrent candidiasis and that was it.i didn’t feel any change in the tightness or looseness in genitals. Sitting on hot water also helps to cure vaginal itching. Sitting over hot water during period helps lighten thick flow.

Rita Okpkako

I had episiotomy during my childbirth and I felt loose thereafter…I reported this to my doctor and he advised my to be sitting on warm water mixed salt (sitz bath) ….I did and after 4 weeks, I felt tight again. I believe sitting on hot water is beneficial to the vagina from personal experience.

Health experts speaks:

Medical experts has warned against douching or steaming with hot water with the aim of treating vagina laxity or looseness. Health experts says sitting on hot water can cause burns and it distorts the normal flora of the vagina making a women prone to yeast infections and bacteria vaginosis.

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