Can Dettol tighten my vigina? Can I use Dettol to wash my private part? Can I use dettol to wash my private part during pregnancy?

From my mailbox:

A lady with complaints of vagina laxity and looseness want to know if she can use dettol for tightening… She also wanta to if it is safe to use fertilization to wash her private part. Lastly, can I use dettol to wash my private part during pregnancy?

Dear Nimedhealth,

Good morning Sir, my name is Bimbo, I have 2 children and I gave birth to them via the vaginal canal (birthday canal). I recently noticed that my Virgina has become loose and lax after my last childbirth. I read on facebook that dettol, the popular antiseptic used to for bath water, is used for tightening. It was said that douching or washing the vagina with dettol in warm water or cold water helps in tightening. I also read that washing the private part with dettol treats vaginal itching… The author sent further to say that douching with dettol during pregnancy helps to treat yeast infection… Doctor how true are these claims?…. Please reply.

Can dettol tighten my vigina
Can dettol tighten my vigina?

My reply:

Thank you for reaching Bimbo. It is surprising to learn that women now use dettol for vigina tightening. Why on health will a women wash inside her body with such a corrosive antiseptic called dettol? Washing your private part with dettol is unhealthy and dangerous. Dettol inside the vagina will kill the vagina flora and make you prone to infections….it burns the vagina and can cause you serious injuries. Dettol inside the vagina can wear out your vagina and cause you serious pains.

Dettol does not tighten the vagina. Ignore all those false claims on facebook, they are not scientifically backed or proven. Dont waste your time on what will not work.

As for using dettol to wash the vagina during pregnancy, please stop it. Why will you douche with dettol when you are pregnant… What are you trying to achieve…. If you do it to treat yeast infection or to prevent vaginal itching or vaginal discharge, be rest assured that it does not work. It is risky to douch with dettol during pregnancy and dettol in the vagina of a pregnant woman can cause miscarriage and premature labor.


Stop using dettol to wash your private part… Stop douching with dettol… Dettol inside the vigina is not safe in pregnancy. Dettol does not cause virginia tightening.

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