Health benefits of Ewe Asunwon (Cassia Alata leaf).

Ewe Asunwon, a Yoruba name for the popular plant cassia Alata is a fertility herb that is beneficial to both the male and female. Ewe Asunwon has numerous nutritional value, health benefits and medicinal properties that cannot all be mentioned here… Ewe Asunwon (cassia alata ) has been used since the time of yore to cure gonorrhoea, syphilis and other body doseases.

Iwulo ewe asunwon oyinbo?: Cassia alata leaf or senna alata leaf

In women, Ewe Asunwon helps clear blocked fallopian tubes, boosts ovulation, regularises menstruation and increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Ewe Asunwon shrinks fibroids and cures ovarian cyst.

How can you use Ewe Asunwon to unblock (cassia alata leaf) fallopian tubes, read the passage below to get some tips and directions.


-Bitter melon (Bara)
-Cassialata leaf ( Ewe Asunwon)
-Medicinal Potash (Kanhun)
-Fermented Corn Water( Pap water)


To treat infection, Ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tube, black and smelly menstruation, ceased menstruation.


_Wash and cut the Bara into pieces, remove the seed
_Ensure that the inside of the Bara is very bitter, else it won’t work.
_Get your fermented corn water (you can just buy from local pap sellers around you)
_ Put in a pot, add the pieces of Bara, Cassialata Leaf and put to boil for 20-30minutes.
_Add a little medicinal Potash to it while boiling depending on the severity of your case, Allow to cool.


You can leave in the pot to be warmed every time you want to drink it or you can put in a container and refrigerate…Your wish… Better to refrigerate though to keep it fresh.


Half or a glass once every after two to three days depending on how strong your system is. This is because Bara purges the system as a way of getting rid of all the unwanted things in the body system. Give a space of few days while taking it depending on your first reaction to it.
_ Take for at most four weeks or less, do not exceed four weeks

Health benefits of Ewe Asunwon (Cassia Alata leaf)
Picture of Ewe Asunwon


Ewe Asunwon is not suitable for pregnant women because it can cause miscarriage(It is a very strong herb), Nursing Mothers (because the baby can suck it from your breast and start to stool) and Children (because their system is not yet to strong to excrete it. Suitable for both male and female.

Those Trying to Conceive(TTC), do NOT use on ovulation and fertile days, use preferably while menstruating and on the other days

Side effects of Ewe Asunwon

The common side effects of Ewe Asunwon is diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain… Other reported side effect is allergy.


Take a cold shower from the top of your head if it purges you more than three times and take two spoonfuls of red oil.

NOTE :The more the system needs detoxification, the more the effects of the herbs in the body.

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