Vigina/virgina/vagina tightening home remedies South Africa.

South African Ladies use all kinds of techniques, concoctions, herbs, wash, drugs and even creams to tighten their vag, regain their virginity and for vagina rejuvenation.

Here is list of home remedies South African ladies use for vagina tightening….

vagina tightening home remedies South Africa.

Mango seed

How to tighten virginia with mango seed. This is wrong but it is true that many African ladies insert mango seed for tightening. It is believed that mango seed has the right acidity and alkalinity to narrow the the Virgina.

Aloe Vera

Yes aloe Vera used to be the wonder herb in Africa that cures all ailments… South African women have been using Aloe Vera herb is usually used for steaming for time immemorial. They are of the opinion that aloe Vera can help a woman regain her sexual wellness and virginity.


Cloves water is believed to help tighten the vagina… Many South African ladies douche and steam with cloves water for tightening. It helps to remove infection and reduces looseness.


Globally garlic is popular for treating vagina infections especially toilet infection and yeast infection. Now ladies now douche with garlic or insert a bulb of garlic “inside their body” overnight for weeks for tightening. Dr Gunter, a US Gynaecogist once spoke against this practice in 2019.


I read a Zimbabwean article where the author said taking a glass of cinnamon and milk helps in tightening. If this works remains to be seen. Does cinnamon tighten vigina? No proof.

Groundnut water

You have not heard this too? Yeah… Some South African and even Nigerian women who use this have testified to this. They believe soaking raw groundnut in water and douching with it will have narrow the vagina and tighten it.


Washing “inside your body” with Alum water helps tighten it. Douching with alum water or even inserting a piece of alum will tighten the Vigina but this can cause scarring and injuries especially if a whole alum stone is used.

Yoni pearls

Not only Nigerian ladies use Yoni pearls for tightening… South African ladies have also laid their hands on it and they insert it will help the belief that it will cure their yeast infection and tighten them…. Many health experts don’t believe yoni pearls actually helps in tightening …

Hot water

Douching or steaming with hot water soaked with cloves or garlic helps in vigina tightening…Many celebrities discuss this. But this can cause burns dont forget.

vagina tightening home remedies South Africa
South Africa ladies use different home remedies for tightening


It does not actually helps in vag tightening bit it can prevent yeast infection and even bacterial vaginosis.

Baking soda

How to tighten virginia with baking soda…Add a some baking soda in lukewarm water and the water for douching…. Baking soda is believed to be effectively good for tightening and many South African ladies use this. You can add vinegar to the baking soda


Apple cedar vinegar douching is used for tightening. Steaming with ACV is also believed to help.

Kegel exercises

Exercises that strengthens the female pelvic floor muscles is proven scientifically to help in tightening….

Amapiano Dance

The popular amapiano dance looks simple but rigorous enough serves as a form of vaaginnal exercises which helps tightening. Try it.

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