Can AS and AS give birth to AS child? Can couples who are both genotype AS give birth to a child that is genotype AS…

If a woman that is AS marries a man that is AS, it is very possible that they can have all SS babies. ALSO, if a woman that is genotype AS marries a man that is genotype AS, it is very possible that all the children will be AS or all AA. AS and AS can actually give birth to AS.

That probability you are banking on, no really balance at all as you dey think am o.

They can have all AA, all AS, all SS or a combination of these. This is strictly a game of chance! A high risk gamble that’s not worth the trouble!

I spent hours explaining this to someone but they have this weird belief that the first 3 kids will be AA I wonder where they got that assumption from, some will even back up their claim with ‘a doctor told us we can marry’ after that I shut up.

Can AS and AS give birth to AS?
Can AS and AS give birth to AS? Yes.

Somebody shared this italized medical advice on Twitter, I understand that he is trying to educate the public, but his genotype probability and calculations are not entirely correct and is misleading:

“Know your partner’s #genotype compatibility!

All kids “HEALTHY” (AA)

1 in 2 kids “CARRIER” (AS)
Others AA

2 in 4 kids “SICKLER” (SS)
1 in 4 kids AA,
1 in 4 kids AS

All kids AS

1 in 2 kids SS,
Others AS

All kids SS”

This is not totally true especially as it relates to AS marrying AS or AA genotype. The probability is for every pregnancy. For both parents with traits, there is a 25 percent chance of having a child with sickle cell per pregnancy. That’s why some could have all kids as sickle cell while some none.

Genotype and marriage compatibility issues

Genotype and its appropriate suitor:

AA + AA = excellent
AA + AS = Good
AA + SS = Fair
AS + SS = Very bad
SS + SS = Extremely Bad.

There are 3 major types of genotypes: AA, AS, SS, & others – SC and CC
AA+AA can get married
AA+AS can get married
AS+AS shouldn’t get married
SS+AA can get married
AS+SC shouldn’t get married
AS+CC shouldn’t get married
AA+SC can get married
AA+CC can get married

Please if you are AS, don’t marry AS.

The reason why certain genotypes like AS and AS or AS and SS shouldn’t get married together is because of the risk of having a child with the SS (sickle cell) genotype.

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