Can AC and SC genotype marry each other?

Many dont know this genotype issue isn’t just AA, AS and SS… please read more about it.

There are genotype AC, SC and CC.

AS and AC getting married issa NO NO to prevent birthing SC.

Lotta people carrying genotype AC thinking they are AA.

I learnt in a hard way.

The genotype AC according to my doctor, if not looked at carefully, it comes out as AA and lots of laboratories miss it and think its AA. So result will come out as AA instead of AC.

Its better to do 3 different Genotype test from three different hospital or labs to be sure.

Can AC and SC genotype marry each other?
Can AC and SC genotype marry each other? NO
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Met this lady during NYSC, fell in love and she was all i wanted as a wife. I asked at the early stage her genotype. She said AA. She was so sure of it than anything else.

Dragged her to one Private hospital where we served in Bayelsa she turn out to be AC not AA.

She didn’t believe the result because she thought she was AA before now from previous genotype test.

I have done mine more than 3 times to be sure that i am AS and it never changed. So the love grew stronger and wanted us to settle down after service as husband and wife.

Asked her to redo the test again. She did.

This time 8 months after service. Both back in Lagos.

She took the test again on her visitation to her Doctor friend currently serving in FMC Abeokuta. Result came out AC again.

Then she took it serious. I only knew about Genotype AC after our first test.

Consulted all doctors i know about it. And non would give a green light to go ahead just because of the risk of Birthing SC which i am also hearing for the first time. And stated an option which we could use but not advisable.

Melanie crossing in Biology didnt mention those.

Now we have both agreed to do one more test. And if she turns out to be AC, we will have to let go what ever we have planned.

Doctor said again. Most AC comes out as AA cause its missed. But they are AC. So you need more than one test to be sure of your genotype. I’ll advice 3 different hospitals. Now bae is really heart broken. She cries always when we talk about.

I can’t even explain how i have been feeling ever since then.

I wanna get married early next year. But i don’t think it will be possible the next 2 years. Save your self from such now.

There is a patient my doctor told me was SC but thought she was AS… after lots of crisis and several test from 3 different hospital. They confirmed she was SC.

I don’t want to birth a child to face health crisis couple with the crisis already existing in the world.

Now me and Bae have to take a different part. A woman i have grown so much inlove with. A woman who gives me peace. A woman who at our first meeting i knew this is who i want to marry.

These now are no more becoming a reality. Reason cause of GENOTYPE AS and AC. Its depressing.

I so much love my baby and want to take the risk. But when i remember my two friends i lost as a result of GENOTYPE SS. I get scared and never want to lose a child cause of ignorance.

I will never forgive my self.

I am heart broken.

In conclusion,

AC × AS = NO
SC × SS = NO
SC × SC = NO
AS × AS = NO
AS × CC = NO.

Apart from AA, AS, SS we all know, there are also AC, SC, CC.

Please know your GENOTYPE before falling in love.

I learnt in a hard way.

Genotype Compatibility and Marriage.


✅ = can marry and can have children together.


❌ = cannot marry and cannot have children together

In short, BOTH partners shouldn’t have a ‘C’ and/or ‘S’! That is couples that both have either a C or a S in their genotype should not marry at all.

Genotype AC and SC cannot marry.

Genotype AS and SC cannot marry

Genotype CC and AC cannot marry

Genotype SC and CC cannot marry

People with genotype AC or genotype SC can also develop serious bone pain crisis.

Persons with genotype AC and SC exist and they are many. The 2020 BBN award winner Lekan is genotype SC


Adedoyin Emmanuel


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