How much does scaling and polishing cost in Nigeria? What is scaling and polishing price in Nigeria?

Scaling and polishing (S & P) is a professional tooth cleaning, removes tartar/plaque from the teeth, which can help reverse gingivitis.

During the cleaning, the dental personnel uses special instruments to scrape/scale off the tartar/plaque…

Scaling and polishing should be done every 6months. Scaling removes plaque that have hardened into Tartar/Calculus which cannot be remove by tooth brushing this prevent your gum from sealing against your tooth to keep out bacteria it can also release some toxins which attack the gum.

How much does scaling and polishing cost in Nigeria?
Before and after scaling and polishing

Over time, the regular removal of these deposits may reduce gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease) and prevent progression to periodontitis (severe form of gum disease).

Scaling and polishing helps give your smile confidence.

The dentist then smoothen and polish the surface of the tooth to help prevent future plaque accumulation.

What happens to the sore that is left in the mouth from the scaling?

Mild mouth ulcers and minor gum bleeding are the common complications or side effects of scaling and polishing and it will go away with gargling your mouth with warm salted water like twice or three times a day.

Some myths about scaling and polishing debunked

Myth: Teeth become loose after cleaning

Fact: Cleaning process eliminates the layer of bacterias and tartar which are responsible for loosening of teeth.

Myth: Teeth cleaning increases the spaces between them

Fact : Spaces are naturalgaps present in between the teeth which accumulate tartar/ calculus. On removal of tartar, what gaps you
feel is the natural space.

Myth: The process of cleaning involves removal of enamel i.e the first layer of tooth

Fact: Teeth cleaning only removes the layer of debris/tartar i.e plaque which Is formed over the tooth. It does not drill into the tooth.

Myth: Bleding while cleaning damages the gums

Fact: Bleeding gums are sign ofgingivitis/ periodontitis. Cleaning minimizes the further process of inflammation of the gums.

Myth: I brush everyday, so no professional cleaning is required.

Fact: It is advised to get cleaning done bi annually to maintain healthy gums but trust your dentist’s opinion for the same.

How much does scaling and polishing cost in Nigeria?

In most government owned hospitals in Nigeria , the cost of scaling and polishing is around #8,000 Naira to #12,000 Naira.

In UBTH, scaling and polishing is about #5,000 naira.

In UPTH Port Harcourt, scaling and polishing cost about #10,000 naira.

In private dental clinics and of course private hospitals, the cost or price of scaling and polishing is about #25,000 to #45,000 Naira. Many big private hospitals in cities like Benin , Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Kano, and Kaduna charge as high as #50,000 or more for scaling and polishing (S and P).

Scaling and polishing is different from teeth whitening

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