Can ulcer patient drink bitter leaf water? Is Bitter Leaf soup good for Ulcer patient?

Bitter leaf has numerous nutritional value, health benefits and medicinal properties but you see bitter leaf juice or bitter leaf water is not really good for stomach ulcer patient because it can worsen their ulcer pains and trigger ulcer bleeding. So, peeps, if you have ulcer, don’t drink raw bitter leaf juice first thing in the morning on empty stomach please.

Can ulcer patient drink bitter leaf water?
Can ulcer patient drink bitter leaf water?

I am not saying you cannot drink bitter leaf juice at all but it should be after you have eaten. Take bitter leaf water after food please.

Please if you have an acute gastric ulcer, or gastritis, drinking bitter leaf juice does not help relief the ulcer pains. Drinking bitter leaf juice will not cure or stop your ulcer pains. It is also wrong to believe that bitter leaf eliminates H.pylori.


Is Bitter Leaf soup good for Ulcer patient?

Yes bitter leaf soup (ofe onugbu) is good for ulcer patient. You can enjoy. Bitter leaf soup is very nutritious and ulcer patients can eat eat…. Bitter leaf soup helps heal ulcer and even relief ulcer pains. See the problem here is that raw bitter leaf water is not good for ulcer patients because it aggravates the pains. As for the cooked bitter leaf soup, it is good for ulcer patients and you should eat plenty of eat.

Well, there are very important benefits of bitter leaf juice you should know.

As unpleasant as the experience of drinking bitter leaf juice may be, it is super healthy and medicinal.

👉 Aid In Weight Loss:
The components in bitter leaf juice make it great therapy for burning off extra fat you have been looking at getting rid of.

👉 Reduces Cancer Risks:
Bitter leaf contains numerous anti – cancer properties. Studies have shown that bitter leaf extract can boost the immune system, inhibit tumor growth and prevent the development of cancer cells.

👉 Lowers High Blood Pressure:
The bitterness of bitter leaf juice helps to lower your sugar level and control blood pressure.

👉 Aids In The Treatment of Abdominal Issues:
Drinking a cup of bitter leaf juice twice daily helps bring relief from stomach problems.

👉 Enhances Fertility:
Drinking bitter leaf juice can help a woman get pregnant as the chemical compounds present in bitter leaf extracts like edotides promotes hormonal balance and boost your immune system to help fight against toxification.

Insomnia is a condition that medically means habitual sleeplessness. And as funny as it may sound, there are a lot of people experiencing this condition globally. This group of people finds it impossible to sleep at night and no matter how hard they try, their effort is always met with wakefulness at night.
However, studies have shown that Bitter leaf extract has done wonders for those suffering from poor sleep. Simply take two glasses of bitter leaf water every night and you will experience a calmness that comes with muscle relaxation and sleep. You may need to see a doctor if your sleep disorders persists.

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