How to use Sprite and salt for upset stomach and Diarrhea.

What does Sprite and salt mixed together help with?

It is now a common knowledge that a mixture of sprite and salt helps relieves stomach upsets especially diarrhoea. When you have diarrhoea, drinking sprite and a little salt can help replenish your lost electrolytes especially in rural areas where you don’t have access to oral rehydration therapy solution or hospital. A bottle of sprite and a pinch of salt actually works wonders in calming a troubled stomach. Yes I said sprite with small salt relieves stomach pains and running stomach… It does not prevent pregnancy or cause abortion… Sprite and salt is used by many local as an energy drink.

How to use Sprite and salt for upset stomach and Diarrhea
How to use Sprite and salt for upset stomach and Diarrhea


When you are having a diarrhoea, buy a bottle of sprite (cold or uncold), open it, pour in a cup and add a pinch of salt…mix and drink gently. If there is no sprite, you can also use a 7Up drink…. After taking it, it helps relieve your stomach pains in minutes and replenishes your lost electrolytes. Sprite and a little salt will also help treat your constipation and will give you some energy/strength because sprite contains sugar.

Instead of sprite and salt, sprite and some lemon juice squeezed in it also helps relieve stomach upset and runny stomach… It is even safer a d children can even drink it without fear of any untoward side effects.

Side effects of mixing sprite and salt to drink

Do not take sprite and salt if you are:

1. Hypertensive: Persons with hypertension or high blood pressure should not take a mixture if sprite and salt because it can elevate their blood pressure further.

2. Have a kidney problems: healthy kidneys to not like too much salt let alone the one that is already diseased. The salt and the sprite can injure the kidneys making them to fail… This may make you require a dialysis and even transplant.

3. Stomach ulcer patients: The mixture of sprite and salt can cause peptic ulcer or worsen the pains of an already existing ulcer. Don’t forget carbonated drinks like sprite, malt, fanta and coke are not good for ulcer…. So it is best you avoid them.

Other common side effects of salt and sprite mixture are nausea, vomiting and even diarrhoea.

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