Please See the Side effect of Agbo jedi Jedi listed here…

So you know, about 90% of the herbs, popularly known in Yoruba language as agbo Jedi sold in the market can damage your kidneys or liver without giving you a warning sign.

I have heard of some people that inject procaine penicillin in agbo Jedi herbs they sell, imagine the reaction that takes place.

Some grind a card of paracetamol and use it to mix the herbs.

Procaine penicillin also known as penicillin G procaine is an antibiotic used in the treatment of a number of bacterial infections. It is an injectable and it is injected into the muscle.

Now, someone will inject this into his herbs, mix it well and sell them to people, telling them the herbs cure this and cures that.

By mixing the injectable with herbs reactions take place, it might be transformed to a harmful product, it might stay for long and continue degrading and you will go and buy it and drink. Please be careful with herbs. I beg you.

See the Side effect of Agbo jedi
The dangers and Side effect of Agbo jedi are numerous.

I know people that ended up with a liver conditions because of the herbs they took.

Went for an interview some years in Abuja, as early as 6 a.m. I saw an agbo Jedi hawker (herb seller) emptying capsules of amoxicillin, chloramphenicol among others into her herbs.

I was in a seminar last year on nephrotoxicity caused by agbo jedi herbal drugs and the need for all herbal drugs to be standardized before consumption. The side effects are very serious, I just hope people listen & stop shortening their lifespan themselves because of their nonchalant attitude.

Herbal Medicine is only certified safe after standardization process is done appropriately.
Just taking herbs anyhow can be very harmful to the health . It’s just like taking poison. That’s the message .

It may not just be the herbs on their own that are responsible for the dangers and harmful effects of agbo Jedi Jedi. I have intercepted a woman who sells agbo buying 5packs of sildenafil, a pack diclofenac, and Andrews liver salt. On interrogation I found out she was mixing them with her so called agbo.

Trust me , some herb mixtures are very deadly, mixing them with other drugs makes them even deadlier..avoid agbo Jedi please.


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