How to use Ugu leaf/Ugwu juice for weight loss.

Ugu leaf actually gives blood. contains a lot of iron. Ugu leaf is Nigeria’s natural blood tonic.

Caveat: if your doctor says you need blood transfusion urgently, don’t say you will boost your blood with pumpkin leaves sha. You wont see the results immediately.

How to use ugwu leaf smoothie as blood tonic

Ugu leaves are not only used to cook s Nigerian soups such as Egusi soup and lots more. Nigerians also use this Vegetables blood tonic as blood tonic.

It helps improve blood production and fertility.

Drinking the water of Ugu leaf (Ugu juice) is very beneficial and safe in pregnancy. Ugu leaf contains a lot of folic acid which helps to prevent neural tube defects and iron which helps to prevent anemia in pregnancy. Pregnant women are encouraged to drink it

The ingredients are for natural blood tonic:

Ugu/ugwu leaves (fluted pumpkin leaves)

Evaporated Milk for taste

Non- alcoholic malt drink for taste.

How to use Ugu leaf juice for weight loss

The first thing you will need when you want to lose weight & belly fat is to love fruits & vegetables especially as smoothies.

This particular smoothie works like magic😲
Make sure you take it first thing very early in the morning.

Smoothies helps to fasten weightloss.. it’s very filling and contains the right antioxidants to fight all those yamayama fats in any area of your body and particularly your belly. Ugwu low smoothie is low in calorie and rich in anti-oxidants as a result, it aids weight loss.

Scents leaves
Ugu (pumpkin leaves)
Green bell pepper

How to use Ugu leaf/Ugwu juice for weight loss.
How to Ugwu juice for weight loss plans.


Wash with clean water and blend everything and drink 👌

Do these consistently for 7days and come back to tell me your results..

Combining Ugu leaf juice with exercise and dieting will help you in weight reduction and weight loss… Drinking ugwu leaf juice alone will not be 100 percent effective with exercise and if you eat everything that comes your way. Thank you.

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