Is peak milk good for ulcer patient? Is milk good for ulcer?

Milk which may be peak milk, three crowns milk, Dano milk or Olympic milk etc. at first will soothe stomach ulcer pains, but in the long run will worsen ulcer pains.

Is peak milk good for ulcer patient?
Is peak milk good for ulcer patient?

Now read the passage below to know what to avoid and eat if you are an peptic ulcer patient.

Smoking is not good for your ulcer, it delays ulcer from healing and can lead to increased heartburn.

Milk is not good for ulcer. Use yoghurt instead.

Contrary to what people think, research shows that garden egg is protective against ulcer.

Caffeine is bad for ulcer.

If you have stomach ulcer this will help you

.Cut carbonated drinks

.Stay away from beans and peppery foods.

.Don’t smoke.

.Cut on your milk intake, take yoghurts instead.

.Ibuprofen,felvin,diclofenac can worsen your stomach ulcer

.Moderate/cut your alcohol intake

.Taking oranges or fresh tomatoes especially on an empty stomach can worsen it.

.Chocolate affect certain people with ulcer, if it makes you have stomach discomfort, cut it till your ulcer heals properly.

Yoghurt contains probiotics that are good for your stomach.

Alcohol can worsen your ulcer symptoms. It doesn’t cause ulcer but if you have ulcer and take alcohol, it can worsen it.

Smoking is totally not good for ulcer, it hinders ulcer wounds from healing and can worsen the symptoms leading to ulcer bleeding.

NSAIDs (diclofenac,felvin etc) can cause ulcer especially when used for long. If you have ulcer already, it can worsen it. Make sure you tell your healthcare provider about it before taking any drugs.

Also if you are to use them, don’t ever use them when you haven’t eaten. Don’t take them on an empty stomach. Eat first.

Ulcer is a wound that has to heal, in order to make this possible you have run a test to confirm what’s responsible, whether it’s due to H. pylori, if it’s due to this a triple therapy regimen is used to wipe it out also, nutrition wise you cut out and stay away from things that
can worsen the ulcer like I mentioned. With the proper drugs, nutrition and time, you can heal.

And once your ulcer wound heals. You are as good as new.

Milk whether liquid (evaporated) or in powder might soothe your ulcer at first but then it makes the stomach produce more gastric acid and digestive juices which will in turn worsen your ulcer.

Take home:

Powdered or evaporated Peak milk, three crowns milk, Dano milk etc is at first good for relieving ulcer symptoms for a while but will for sure worsen ulcer pains in the long run. Peak is good for ulcer patients only when taken for a short while… yoghurt like Hollandia yoghurt or Greek yogurt are much better for ulcer patients.

Written by Sub-Pharmacist


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