Side effects and benefits of Predator Energy Drink….

Bigi Cola has really put the Big brother Coca Cola on his toes.

Coca-Cola had to respond to Bigi Cola’s Fearless brand with Predator Energy drink.

I am happy seeing the competition in the CSD category.

The consumer is the ultimate winner whenever the brands fight.

It will be important for us to look at the ingredients, content, health benefits and side effects of the popular predator energy drink.

Health benefits of predator energy drink

Predator Energy Drink is loaded with compounds that have #antioxidant properties. It has been proven to counter fatigue and depression, boost mental alertness, and promote weight loss. Predator energy drink also improves erection and sexual stamina or performance.

Side effects of predator energy drink

1. Poor sleep (insomnia)

2. Thunderclap headaches

3. Dehydration

4. Restlessness

5. Elevated blood pressure

6. Increased heart rate (tachycardia)

7. Type 2 diabetes

8. Cardiac arrest (all energy drinks can cause heart attacks or myocardial ischaemia)

9. Strokes: The condition that can trigger a stroke after downing an energy drink is reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome, or RCVS. This sudden spasm of the brain’s blood vessels can either restrict its blood supply or cause a hemorrhage.

10. Behavioral changes (negative)

11. Kidney and liver damage.

12. Caffeine toxicity

13. Predator energy drink can trigger seizures or convulsions

The side effects of predator energy drink or any brand every drink listed above is as a result of its high caffeine content.

Side effects and benefits of Predator Energy Drink
Side effects and benefits of Predator Energy Drink..

Does Predator energy drink contain alcohol?

Predator energy drink alcohol percentage is zero. Yes.. It does not contain alcohol bit it contains loads of caffeine. Drinking predator energy drink will not make you drunk, rather it makes you mentally alert and active. Predator energy drink is not alcoholic.

Predator energy drink ingredients

Water, sugar, CARBON dioxide, Acid: CITRIC ACID, TARTARIC acid ,acidity regulator: Sodium citrate, FLAVORS, TAURINE (019%), preservative potassium SORBATE, Sodium BENZOATE, CAFFEINE (0,03%), VITAMINS: B6, B12 Sweetener Sucralose, INOSITOL, colours: E102, E129, Е133.

Is predator energy drink bad for you?

No… Predator energy drink though has its side effects, it is not harmful if taken with moderation. Coca Cola will not unveil a dangerous and unhealthy product to the markets in Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana or anywhere in the world. Please take predator energy drink with caution to avoid caffeine toxicity.

Is predator energy drink HALAL?

Yes.. Predator energy drink is halal…. meaning it is lawful and permissible in Islam. Predator energy drink does not contain alcohol, so, it is 100% halal. It is not an alcoholic drink.

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