Can a pregnant woman drink Lacasera apple drink? Effect of lacasera on pregnancy?

From my mailbox;

Dear Nimedhealth,

My name is folake and I am 4 months pregnant. My morning sickness have been so severe so I have found solution in drinking lacasera. Whenever I take lacasera, the nausea and vomiting that comes with my morning sickness stops. So I have been taking it more often. Sometimes , as a pregnant women i take two plastic bottles of lacasera daily. Recently my friend told me that taking lacasera in pregnancy can cause miscarriage and premature labour. I am also worried that lacasera can cause congenital birth defects and big baby syndrome because of the too much sugar. Please doctor, I need your advice, can a pregnant woman drink Lacasera apple drink? What are the side effects ?

Folake from Lagos.


Thank you for reaching out…very sorry about your morning sickness… the symptoms can be terrible in some pregnant women…i have seen pregnant women admitted in the hospital for severe morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum…the associated vomiting and nausea can be killing.

Now;here is a very short info in lacasera:

La Casera Apple is the Flagship Brand from The La Casera Company Plc. It is a carbonated apple beverage.

Launched: 2001

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Apple Juice (25% more), Sugar & Apple Flavour, Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate), Acidulants (Malic Acid & Citric Acid).

Colour: Caramel

Size: 50cl

Can a pregnant woman drink Lacasera apple drink?
Is lacasera good for pregnancy? Yes.

From the information above, it is clear to all that lacasera does not contain any ingredient or chemical that is harmful in pregnancy. Lacasera does not contain caffeine or preservatives that will harm a pregnant woman or her unborn baby. Apart from using it to relief the symptoms of morning sickness, pregnant women can as well enjoy lacasera drink but it should be taken with moderation just as other products. Lacasera is completely safe in pregnancy, I dont know how it helps with morning sickness in your case though, but I know these below:

Lacasera is safe in pregnancy

Lacasera does not cause miscarriage.

Lacasera does not make your unborn baby too big …it has no effect on the weight of your unborn baby

Lacasera does not cause birth defects

Lacasera does not cause premature labour

Lacasera does not cause pregnancy loss.

Lacasera drink during pregnancy does not cause jaundice in the newborn as widely rumoured

It does not cause still birth.

Lacasera does not cause low birth weight.

Lacasera is safe in pregnancy.

Are you pregnant? Please enjoy lacasera (with moderation). You have nothing to worry about.


If you have gestational diabetes during pregnancy, avoid lacasera as it can make your sugar go up due to it’s sugar content.

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