Treatment for natural hair in Nigeria + How to grow natural hair in Nigeria

Nature and weather especially the dry period is a very harsh season, on your skin and hair, and because it’s so cold,and sometimes windy, the cold air sucks out the moisture in your hair and leaves it brittle, dry and prone to breakage and split ends. A proper routine could save your hair and retain your length.

Now, how can you take care of your Nigerian natural hair?

Treatment for natural hair in Nigeria + How to grow natural hair in Nigeria

1. Use as little heat as possible. Too much heat on its own can cause hair damage, but paired with the winter weather, it’s a recipe for the perfect disaster. Straightening and blow drying weakens your hair, so minimize your use of heat.

2. Cut your split ends. Now, you should do this at least twice a year regardless of season, but if haven’t, take this opportunity to do so. Split ends cause breakage, winter causes dry hair, without split ends there is less chance for unnecessary breakage.

Treatment for natural hair in Nigeria + How to grow natural hair in Nigeria
Natural hair …on fleek

3. Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. You could use warm water as a spray, apply hair food and any other hair products that hydrate and moisture your hair.

4. Protective styles are important. Especially in winter because the conditions are so harsh, save yourself the effort and damage and put your hair in any protective style, just be careful not to keep it in for too long because your hair will loose moisture.

5. Don’t wash your hair often. If you wash your hair once a week, change it up to twice a month because washing it regularly strips it off its natural oils and makes it prone to damage.

6. Be careful of head wraps and beanies. While they will keep you warm, they might cause friction with your hair which will make your hair weaker, and your hair might get caught in the material and break. If you’re using them, try to have a silk something covering your hair first.

Treatment How to grow natural hair in Nigeria
A natural shiny Nigerian natural hair.

7. Deep condition often, it gives your hair the nutrients and oils that winter strips away, it will keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

8. Handle with care. Hair is fragile, 4c hair especially, be gentle when coming and styling. Do not pull your baby hairs and if ots tangled, gently untangle it with your hands and a bit of water.

Treatment of natural hair in Nigeria
Beautiful natural hair

I hope this helps.

Source: @MphoMoalamedi


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