See the Best Cooking pots in Nigeria & their health risks.

Your Cooking Pots might be making you Sick

The REAL TRUTH about Cookwares in Nigeria.

If you use Non-stick, Aluminum…

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Which utensils do you use for cooking

Are you using non stick pans and aluminum vessels?

then you might unknowingly be inviting serious health issues

Most people are aware of the importance of healthy eating,but many don’t know that the cookware they use is just as important.

Do you know that when the pot is heated, it can leech some serious chemical into your food?

Wait..I’ll explain and make it simple

let’s examine the common cookwares we use & we’ll do this on the basis of how safe they are for cooking

I’ll divide them into 7 category..

1) NON-STICK Cookware:Every urban home in Nigeria uses this one cause it doesn’t make food stick, burn; it’s easy to clean.

Guess what? it’s the most dangerous!

Most Non stick pans are coated with polytetrafluoro ethylene, a plastic polymer also know as TEFLON..

Cooking Pots in Nigeria
Non-stick cooking pots has its health hazards

Now, when Non stick pans are heated, they produces some fumes that are toxic because of the coating.

These toxic fumes have been proven to do serious damage to the brain and lungs.

Infact, it’s worse when you are using cheappppp Nonstick!

Cause they wear out easily. They also have a chemical called ‘Perfluorooctanoic acid’ know as c8 which has been linked to cancer.

Even the granite Nonstick is not any better cause they are also coated

To be honest, if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle..

Non-stick cookware no enter at all. They are fanciful but are slow poisons.

2) ALUMINUM Cookware: This one is commonly used and famous cause it’s cheap, abundantly available, versatile & it’s a good thermal conductor. You’ll find this in most bachelor homes. But unfortunately, it’s also toxic..when you cook, it slowly leeches Iron into your food.

Best Cooking pots in Nigeria & their health risks
Aluminum pots are also not very healthy.

Aluminum is a thyrotoxic metal, using it can lead to serious damage to the thyroid gland and its attendant complications because most of the aluminum is leached into your food when you cook

Infact you can experiment.

buy a new aluminum pot & weigh it. Now use it for daily cooking and after few months, weigh again, there will be a considerable decrease

Where did it all go? Yup Leached in your food while cooking.

Nowadays in the market, you find all sort of aluminum pots…Alloy aluminum, hard anodised aluminum & even non stick aluminum

But’s not so safe for cooking.

3) Stainless cookware: how safe is this cookware?

It it’s 100% stainless, definitely a better choice than the others, though it also has its own hidden dangers

Many stainless steel have an excessive amount of nickel to provide an extra Shine which is also an high toxic metal.

Best cookwares in Nigeria
Stainless pots are at least safer than the first two.

The ratio it has determines how safe it is. so the lower the nickel..the safer it is.

Btw, Nickel is a chemical element with silvery-white lustrous metal used for stainless

But a lot of companies do not mention this ratio on the utensils so it’s hard to say how safe it is.

4)CERAMIC Cookware:

Guys..Ceramic cookware is actually safe because it’s from hardened clay but problem is that it’s hard to find and expensive.

Most so called ceramic cookware in the market are not more than its coating over aluminum..

So don’t waste money on them

Best cookwares in Nigeria
Ceramic pots are one of the safest pots in Nigeria but they are expensive and hard to find.

5) CAST-IRON cookware:

These are among the safer and practical option for cooking!

However, they have lots of fake imitation & sometimes you can’t tell.

Also, Cast iron is heavy and prone to rusting.

But if you are ready to take care of it by seasoning constantly, that is; oil frequently to prevent rusting, it is definitely recommended Heart suit

Thankfully, we have some Nigerian brands already pushing this safe Cookware especially the Enameled ones to our market.

Best cooking pots in Nigeria
Cast iron cooking pots are the best in Nigeria

6) GLASS Cookware:

This is another safer option healthwise.

It can be used to cook pretty much anything.

But because of the delicacy of the material, it may not be suitable for everyone and the only caveat is that it can obviously crack and shatter.

Glass Cookwares in Nigeria
Glass pots are safe but too fragile

7) The other safer options are Brazz/ Bronze and Copper Cookware:

Foods cooked in them retains almost 93% of it’s nutrients

The only downside is that they are freaking expensive.

If you can afford…don’t hesitate.

Best cooking pots in Nigeria
Bronze/brass Cookwares.

So what’s the best cookware gan…

Omo..clay pots is legit way out o.
It’s only in the clay pot that you can retain 100 percent of food nutrients.

They are healthy cause the porosity & natural insulation properties of clay causes the heat & moisture to circulate throughout.

Clay pots in Nigeria
Clay pots are the best pots in Nigeria

It’s considered healthy because it is made from earth and its composition is exactly that the body needs

It’s not only healthy but tasty…

remember our water pot?

Only downside is that it cooks food slowly.
So in summary, Aluminum and non stick are the worst cookware to use,

Stainless is just ok.

Bronze, Brazz & Cast iron are good!!

Clay pots are by far the most and best cookware.

So whenever you go out to buy cookware..choose wisely

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What do you think??

Right now..I’m super guilty of everything I listed here,

cause I still use Non stick and Aluminum to cook especially for for Jollof Rice

But when money comes…I’ll definitely change all my cookwares.

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    Your article if very insightful. I wish to purchase multiple clay pots for cooking. Can you please let me know the contacts of some Potters in Lagos who make clay pots?



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