Weight gain syrup for ladies in Nigeria, best weight gain pills for females in Nigeria.

For Nigerian ladies who intend to gain some weight, the following weight gain pills and syrup will help stimulate your appetite, make you eat more and add weight.

Weight gain syrup for ladies in Nigeria


Appetamin still remains one of the most popular weight gain syrup among ladies in Nigeria.Sold for about #3500, appetamin is taken to add some flesh, breast, buttocks, and hips. Apetamin does notake you gain weight without food, it only stimulate your appetite to eat more and sleep…making your calorie intake greater than your calorie expenditure. Apetabon is an improved form of appetamin.

Weight gain syrup for ladies in Nigeria
A lady with apetamin syrup

Cypri Gold

Cypri Gold is not an appetizer per se…it is a syrup used to treat allergies but many ladies now use it for weight gain and for sleep.

Weight gain syrup to add fat
Cypri Gold for weight gain in ladies.


Eggovin is an appetizer and weight gain tonic prepared from newly laid eggs, and contain fine old-matured wines. It is the best and most reliable restorative provided by Nature and its wonderful recuperative powers render it invaluable to invalids, convalescents and all those who suffer from weakness, loss of vitality or fatigue.

best weight gain pills for females in Nigeria.
Eggovin helps you to become fat


Cypron Syrup is a combination medicine in the product basket of Orange drugs Pharmaceuticals used to treat loss of appetite called medically as anorexia. It is an effective appetite stimulant. It works by reducing the effect of a chemical messenger called leptin which regulates appetite. A decreased appetite occurs when you have a reduced desire to eat. It may also be known as a poor appetite or loss of appetite. Originally, Cypron is an antihistamine used to relieve allergy symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, itching eyes/nose, sneezing, hives, and itching.

best weight gain pills for females in Nigeria.

Xasten Tablet for weight gain

This is simply dexamethasone we are talking about…yes it causes weight gain and fat deposit in the buttocks, abdomen and breasts but it is very dangerous. Xasten, yodi or dexa as it is called can cause infertility and prevent you from getting pregnant. Chronic use of xasten will cause Cushing syndrome a medical condition associated with diabetes, hypertension, swollen legs, stretch marks, swollen face etc.

Super appetite/ Super apeti

A weight gain syrup used by many ladies to add some flesh and become fat.Yes, super appetite can make you fat and add weight. As the name implies, super apeti whet your appetite and makes you to eat more,so you add weight. Both super apeti and its brother super apeti plus is good for weight gain.

Weight gain caplets
Super apeti

Orphetal for weight gain

Orphetal is a blood tonic used to treat anemia and also for weight gain.it stimulates the appetite.



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