Egovin Nwa: Is Egovin good for weight gain?

A lady writes to find out if she can use eggovin drink to add weight and gather some fat because she is “too skinny”. She also want to know if eggovin can boost fertility and other functions and uses of eggovin….

Dear Nimedhealth,

My name is Chiwendu and I am from skinny…My last weight when I checked was 50kg an I am really disturbed about this. I have tried all forms of weight gain syrups like apetamin, super apeti plus, apetabon etc but none has made me add the desired weight. My lady friend told me yesterday that egovin drink can make someone fat and add some flesh. How true is this… Also I want to know the function and uses of eggovin…. Also since I recently got married and I and my husband are planning to start having a children, I want to know if eggovin affect fertility negatively.

Thank you as a await your response.

My response:

Good evening, I understand your plight trying to gain some weight….eggovin drink is very popular among ladies who want to gain weight. Eggovin is a yellow coloured drink that looks like the color of an egg yolk. Because it contains egg yolk, it is believed by many to help add weight…. yes eggs are highly recommended for persons that want to in increase their weight… There is however a problem… even though eggovin can potentially make you add flesh, it contains alcohol. This is what I was able to gather about egovin…


‘Eggovin is prepared from newly laid eggs, and contain fine old-matured wines (alcohol) . It is the best and most reliable restorative provided by Nature and its wonderful recuperative powers render it invaluable to invalids (persons very weak and recovering from illnesses), convalescents and all those who suffer from weakness, loss of vitality or fatigue.

In the tropics Eggovin is the ideal stimulant and tonic for those affected by climate and heat. One or two glasses daily will be found sufficient to maintain the system in first class condition.”

Is Egovin good for weight gain?
Can eggovin make someone add weight?

Is Egovin good for weight gain?

The functions and uses of eggovin are clearly stated above but don’t forget it is an alcoholic drink. It may help you gain some weight but alcohol and alcohol containing drinks is not good for a woman planning to get pregnant (trying to conceive)…it may affect your fertility. Also, please eggovin should not be given to babies or children for weight gain..

If you want to gain weight, eat more, eat more, eat more and reduce your burning of calories.

Thank you.

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