Side Effects and Health Benefits of Baby Oku Drink

Baby oku is a very popular local manpower herbal bitters used to treat erectile dysfunction problems like weak erection, low libido, premature ejacualtion, impotence, low sex drive etc..

Baby oku herbal drink is manufactured in Nigeria by Chuby Zion Industries, a company owned by Chief Orogwu Zion Chibuike Peter.

The ingredients in baby oku drink are well spelt out (I have researched) but let me inform you that just like other bitters, it contains some good percentage of alcohol. Other ingredients are aloe Vera, water, senna leaf, caramel, rhuherb roots, flavour extracts , and angelic roots.

I want to quickly talk about the health benefits of baby oku herbal drink and also the side effects.

Health benefits of baby oku herbal drink

Since baby oku is a more or less a local manpower, I will dwell more on its sexual benefits especially in men…

Benefits of baby oku herbal drink;

1. Treats erectile dysfunction

2. Treats weak erection

3. Boosts sexual confidence

4. Increase blood flow to the penis

5. Relieves quick ejaculation

6. Helps treats impotence.

Side Effects and Health Benefits of Baby Oku Drink
Side Effects and Health Benefits of Baby Oku Drink…. For side effect; see this young man fall deep asleep with baby oku by his side (after taking it)

Side Effects of baby oku herbal drink

Baby oku contains alcohol and other helps and therefore not without side effects..

The side effects of baby oku are:

1. Liver damage – herbal concoctions are always harmful to the liver

2. Kidney damage – alcoholic bitters van shut down the kidneys.

3 Stomach ulcer – the alcohol content erodes the lining of the stomach leading to stomach ulcer and peptic ulcer disease.

4. Convulsions/ seizures.

5. Low blood sugar…baby oku can reduce blood sugar leading to hypoglycemic emergency.

6. Drowsiness (see the young man above with baby oku by his side)

7. Nausea and vomiting.

8. Priapism….according to mayoclinic: a prolonged erection of the penis, usually without sexual arousal. Priapism is an unwanted, persistent erection. It may occur spontaneously or from certain antidepressants or erectile dysfunction drugs. Most doctors consider priapism a medical emergency because the condition can result in impotence, sexual dysfunction or penile infection. Since baby oku is a drug taken with the aim of sustaining an erection, it is capable of causing priapism.

9. Heart burns.

10. Baby oku can even cause low sperm count and weak erection due to its alcohol content.

11. Addiction and dependence.

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