How to remove Pimples with Colgate toothpaste, Does colgate remove dark spots?

Our focus today is on the face, below is effective, tested and trusted solution to all face impurities. Try it and thank me later…


For those suffering from pimples, sunburn, acne and all face impurities, here is your treatment
_ Colgate toothpaste
_ blue seal vaseline
_lemon juice
_ alovera gel


Press out little quantity of colgate toothpaste into a bowl, add half spoon of your vaseline and half spoon of your aloe vera gel’ one spoon of lemon juice mix everything together and apply on ur face

Wash off after 15min, do this morning and evening and in just one week you will notice great change, continue for another one week to perfect all impurities in your face.

After two weeks of consistent practice, you will showcase a smooth, clean and pimples free face.

How to remove Pimples with Colgate toothpaste
How to remove Pimples with Colgate toothpaste

It is also worthy of note that some persons use
Colgate and lemon For Face, Colgate and vaseline For pigmentation, Colgate and vaseline for dark thighs, Colgate and tomato For face, including Colgate and honey For face….

Now here lies the big question….does colgate really work for the skin in terms of removing pimples(acne), dark spots, dark thighs and skin pigmentation? Just like all home remedies to a health problem, different testimonies are contradictory…

Does colgate remove dark spots?

See these testimonies below:

Lode Beauty

COLGATE FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE AND VASELINE BLUE SEAL FACE MASK.This Face mask helps fight off stubborn pimples or acne and brightens dark spot areas. I have also used colgate and vaseline for my black thighs that resulted from chaffing. It worked for me.

Cathy Mecathy

Hey guys l have pimples and black spots l tried to use white Colgate and blue vaseline but no change. My pimples even got worse and I got some facial burns. What can l do guys and how long did it take to show good resuits?


It was colgate and vaseline plus honey I used to remove all the acne and dark spots from my face….it works wonders for me.

Apøstle RY Mashimbye

I had pimples and dark spots on my face, I used all gentle magic products but they don’t remove pimples and dark spots, they only lighten me I tried Colgate and Vaseline for 8 months but didn’t see changes…I had to go and see a doctor as colgate and blue seal vaseline didn’t clear my pimples as preached.


Vaseline and colgate mask helped me to cleary pimples and black spots one time. Mix the paste with blue seal Vaseline and apply on your face leave it like 20min before you rinse to get a glowing face. The only side effect of this colgate remedy is that it burns and could be peppery.

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