The dangers of unripe pawpaw soaked in water for baby…

Some parents use fermented unripe pawpaw water for babies with the aim of treating their ailments. This is very wrong.

See let me warn you today, no matter how sick you think your baby is, don’t ever give your child unripe pawpaw water….take your baby to the hospital when he or she is ill….don’t try yourself , don’t go and use your own hand to harm your baby. Forget those things your see on social media from quacks about the benefits on unripe pawpaw water in babies….they are all lying.

Here are some of the dangers and side effects of using unripe pawpaw water in babies.

1. Allergy

Giving your baby drink unripe pawpaw water can make her or him develop severe and life threatening allergic reaction that will manifest as urticaria, wheals, chills, rigor, vomiting, difficulty in breathing and even outright death. Be careful.

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2. Stomach Ulcer

Hope you are aware that unripe pawpaw water is highly acidic? The acidity of pawpaw water can injure the stomach and intestinal lining of your baby leading to stomach ulcer or peptic ulcer disease. This ulcer that developed as a result of you giving your baby fermented unripe pawpaw water can make your baby stool blood, vomit blood and even perforate his or her stomach….once again be warned!

The dangers of unripe pawpaw soaked in water for baby
The dangers of using unripe pawpaw soaked in water for baby

3. Kidney damage

Don’t forget that your babies kidneys are not fully develop to excreted toxic substances like unripe pawpaw water so they get damaged due to its accumulation in the blood. Unripe pawpaw water can also precipitate kidney stones in babies..hope you have money for renal dialysis and possible kidney transplant? Think about this…

4. Liver damage

The liver is the primary organ in the human body that removes poisonous subsstances from the body and fermented pawpaw water can overwhelm the baby’s liver and cause hepatic damage.

5. Malnutrition

Fermented unripe pawpaw water interferes with the absorption of essential vitamins , minerals and vital nutrients from the human body….this can cause malnutrition in babies leading to malnutrition, stunting , and failure to thrive (Nta).

Other possible side effects of giving unripe pawpaw water to babies are seizures (convulsions), blindness, abdominal pains, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, and constipation.

No matter what, don’t give unripe pawpaw water to your baby, it is not a cure for any disease and will end up causing serious harm to the health of your baby….Always see a doctor when your baby is sick.

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