Solak Mixture Uses and Side Effects. Health benefits of solak herbal mixture.

So guys someone message me from Ghana , pleading with me to help her look into the now popular herb in Ghana called solak herbal mixture. I am going to do just that dispassionately and with appropriate links to authority resources for verification. .

From my research, I found out that solak herbal mixture is a herbal product from Ghana and it is vigorously advertised by solak clinic. Solak herbal mixture is a drug yet to be registered and approved by the Ghanaian FDA…. according to a quick search on the official website of Ghana FDA…

Here is a screenshot from the official website of the Ghana Food and Drug Authority(FDA) , a quick search shows “no matching records found”..

Solak mixture
Solak mixture is NOT registered by the Ghanaian health authorities

Solak herbal mixture ingredients

Exhinacea angustfolia, Eupatorium perfoliatum, viscum album, candida albicans, candida parapsilosus…..SOURCE:

Indications and Uses of Solak herbal mixture.

From what I gathered, these are the listed uses of Solak herbal mixture as indicated by the manufacturers of this product…eventhough it is not FDA approved, solak mixture is believed to;

1. Cure syphilis

2. Cure gonorrhoea

3.possibly cure malaria

4. Boost immune system and fight diseases

5. Relieves cough

6. Boost appetite.

7. Cool down the body’s temperature.

8. Cures all forms of sexually transmitted infections (STDs) and genital infections.

9. Fight genital infections.

10…Relieve constipation

11. Solak herbal mixture is believed to increase sperm count, treats premature ejaculation, cures weak erection, and boosts libido.

12. Lower blood sugar in persons living with diabetes.

13. Lower blood cholesterol

14. Lowers blood pressure and treats hypertension

Solak Mixture Uses and Side Effects
Solak Mixture Uses and Side Effects

CAVEAT: Based on the ingredients of solak mixture clearly spelt out in the leaflet, all these health benefits of Solak Mixture listed here are not fully clinically tested and not wholly backed by Science.. At best, they are just conjectures or at best imagined….don’t bank on these claims as research on the benefits of some of the ingredients are still controversial and inconclusive (SOURCE: pubmed…) and beware of social media testimonials. It is important you talk to your doctor before using the herbal product…or any herbal product for that matter.

Dosage of Solak Mixture

Adults are advised to take 4 teaspoons 3 times a day while children between the age of 2 -17 years can take 2 spoons 3 times a day.


The producers of Solak Mixture says children below the age of 1 and pregnant women should not take solak mixture.

Side Effects of Solak Herbal Mixture

There is no drug without side effects. The side effects of solak mixture is based on its ingredients:::

1. Nausea and Vomiting….any drug can cause vomiting and nausea in persons ….

2. Most herbal products can cause or worsen ulcer because theoat times contain alcohol and other ulcer causing herbs.

3. One of the greatest fears of ALL herbal products is the risk of liver damage and liver failure especially if taken excessively….See the potential liver toxicity that Eupatorium perfoliatum can cause…SOURCE: Wiley Analytical Science

4. One of the greatest fear of all herbal products is the risk of kidney damage and kidney failure especially if taken chronically and without moderation. SOURCE: Researchgate

5. If taken by pregnant women, solak mixture can cause miscarriage, preterm delivery and congenital birth defects. Well, the manufacturers already warned about this.

6. Some persons could be allergic to solak herbal mixture. Solak herbal mixture contains Exhinacea angustfolia, which can trigger allergic reactions like rashes, vomiting, nausea, urticaria, hives etc…..SOURCE: HEALTHLINE

7. May cause diarrhoea and/or constipation…any drugs or herbal products is a culprit of this.

8. Solak herbal mixture can interact negatively with other orthodox medications like blood thinners. One of the active ingredient of solak mixture , viscum album, can interact with blood thinners according to PUBMED

9. candida albicans and candida parapsilosus can cause candidiasis and candidemia

10. All drugs taken orally may cause tummy pain.

11. There may be other side effects of solak mixture nor listed here.

PS: Just like every other drug and herbal product, some persons may use solak mixture for diseases not indicated….don’t bank on social media testimonies to use any drug…talk to your doctor about any drug that interests you….This is clear enough right?

This article was properly researched with appropriate links to authority studies, science journals, health websites and official Ghana FDA website….a click on these links will confirm this.

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