Can PREKESE cure fibroid? How to use Aidan fruit to cure fibroid?

The truth is, prekese does not shrink fibroids…your best bet still remains surgery…Yes. there are medications that helps to shrink fibroid masses but the problem is the high rate of recurrence after stoppage of the drugs.

Can PREKESE cure fibroid? How to use Aidan fruit to cure fibroid
Can PREKESE cure fibroid? No is the answer.


It might interest you know that although 5 – 10% of women struggling with infertility have uterine fibroids, the contribution of fibroids to infertility is …(wait for it) RARE!

Fibroid is estimated to be the ONLY cause of infertility in less than 3% of cases.

Indeed, MOST women with FIBROIDS will not be INFERTILE!

However, fertility outcomes are decreased in women with SUBMUCOSAL FIBROIDS (fibroid which is close to the womb plate), and removal INCREASES the possibility of pregnancy.

SUBSEROSAL FIBROIDS (fibroid growing outside of the uterus) do not affect fertility outcomes, and removal does NOT increase the likelihood of getting pregnant.

INTRAMURAL FIBROIDS (fibroid within the uterine wall) appear to decrease fertility, but removing them may NOT increase the possibility of pregnancy.

For persons going for fibroid surgery (myomectomy)

Please know this…

Can Fibroids Grow Back After A Myomectomy?

This is a question that comes to mind for many women who are trying to determine a treatment plan with their healthcare provider.

Answer: No! But new ones can form.

1 year post up: 11%
3 years: 36%
5 years: 52%
8 years: 84%

However the fibroids may not be symptomatic and may not cause symptoms or sub/infertility

The need for reoperation occurs in
6.7% at 5 years
16% at 8 years

Who is at increased risk for recurrence
> 35 year olds
> 2 fibroids
Uterus > 13cm

Having other pelvic disease like endometriosis.

Having a pregnancy that leads to childbirth

If you have uterine fibroids as a woman, go for open surgery, if you don’t want open surgery, go for uterine fibroids embolization (a form of fibroid removal without surgery).

Prekese will not shrink or dissolve your fibroids as claimed by folktales. Prekese or Aidan fruit cannot cure fibroids.

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