Diet Plan for fibroid patient in Nigeria, food timetable/meal plan for fibroid patients in Nigeria, Nigerian food time table for fibroid patient.



1. Green leafy vegetables like vitamin rich food.

2. Organic food like Cordyceps Militaris, vitamins, berry oil, nutri v pink etc

3. Cruciferous vegetables like Arugula, broccoli, cabbage, kale, okra, radish etc

4. Beta carotene rich foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, berry oil, alkaline cup etc

5. High iron foods… Sometimes FIBROID cause some women to lose more blood during mensuration. This can led to anemia and to replace the excess loss of iron you need high iron food Like legumes in your diet to help replace lost iron and prevent anemia.

6. Whole grain instead of refined grains opt, like millet, spelt, brown rice, buckwheat, rye and oats.

7. Supplement that aid reduction of FIBROID like Cordyceps Militaris, vitamins, berry oil they help…In getting better hormones balance.

8. Have time for green tea, blood fat tea to help decrease inflammation and rebalancing certain hormones.

Avoid exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, herbicide, synthetic, fertilizer, bleach, food preservative, harmful cleaners

And food dyes, always exercise your body, eat walnut and nutritional tomatoes for cooking.


1. Avoid high blood pressure, high fat processed meat, conventional diary.

2. Refined sugar can increase pain and reduces immune function.

3. Refined carbohydrates e.g Like bread, alcohol, caffeine, pastries, canned bottled tomatoes products

4. Avoid fat milk, stress, unhealthy diet, smoking, use of prolonged antibiotics and suya e.g roasted meat and kilishi.

Diet Plan for fibroid patient in Nigeria
Diet Plan for fibroid patient in Nigeria.

Some key questions about fibroid diet plan answered.

Is garri good for fibroid patient?

Yes. Nothing stop you from drinking garri or eating Eba if you have fibroids as a women. Drinking garri or eating Eba swallow will not make the fibroid grow bigger.

Is semovita good for fibroid?

Yea of course…etc semovita if you like it..Semo does not make fibroids bigger .. there is no realtionship between eating semovita and uterine fibroids.

Is okra good for fibroid?

Yes…okra is a vegetable and vegetables are highly recommended in patients with uterine fibroids. Okra is good for fibroid patients.

Pineapple and fibroids: Is pineapple good for fibroid patients?

Eat pineapple if you are a fibroid patient …you have nothing to worry about ..Pineapple is a fruit and does not cause fibroids or increase fibroid size.

Is yogurt good for fibroids?

Drink yoghurt…it contains very little fat and does not increase fibroids size…Yes, yoghurt is good for fibroid patient.

Bananas and fibroids: Is banana good for fibroid?

Banana is a healthy fruit that is good for fibroid patients. Banana even contains endorphins that helps relieve degenerative fibroid pain.

Is groundnut good for fibroid patient?

Yes…Nuts like groundnut is good for fibroid patients…groundnut does not increase fibroid size…some even believe groundnut helps shrink fibroids.

Is plantain good for fibroid?

Very well. But ripe and unripe plantain is good for fibroid patients …unripe plantain is rich in iron which helps to treat the anemia common in fibroid patients.

Is egusi soup good for fibroid?

Yes. Melon soup or egusi soup is very good for fibroid patient. Women with fibroids should go ahead and enjoy egusi soup…nothing to worry about.

Is cocoyam good for fibroid patient?

Cocoyam is highly recommended in fibroid patients….some authors believe cocoyam helps to shrink fibroids.

Is cucumber good for fibroid?

Cucumber is a fruit and it is good for patients with fibroids…cucumber contains essential vitamins and minerals which promotes fibroid healing.

Is almond milk good for fibroids?

Yes…women with fibroid van take almond milk. Don’t worry, it will not increase your fibroid size..

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