Can Prekese cure candidiasis (Vaginal Yeast Infection)? Can Aidan fruit(aduruku) cure vagina yeast infection?

Tetrapleura tetraptera as scientically called is a flowering plant species in the Peg family native to Western Africa.Prekese is its name in the Twi dialect of Ghana and in Nigeria, Igbo people call Aidan fruit aduruku.It is well known for its medicinal benefits and aromatic flavor.

Now, many Ghanaian women and of course Nigerian ladies use Prekese to treat their yeast infection commonly called vagina candidiasis. They do this by either drinking Prekese water or Aidan fruit water or by douching with the Prekese water. A Nigerian lady based in Ghana recently told ladies on her Facebook page to douch morning and night with prekese water to prevent and treat their recurrent vagina yeast infection. How true is this claim…when did prekese start having antifungal properties?

Before I make comments on the veracity of whether or not prekese is good for the cure of candidiasis…

What is vaginal Candidiasis?

#Did_you_know, around 70-75% of the women in the whole world suffer from #vaginal candidiasis, a health #disorder, atleast once in their lifetime? Know more about #Vulvovaginal #Candidiasis (#VVC) below.

DIFINITION:Candidiasis is a fungal infection usually confined to to the mucous membranes and external layers of the skin. Severe forms are usually associated with immunosuppressive conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes milletus, pregnancy, cancer, prolonged antibiotic use, and steroids.

🔸Intense vaginal itching.
🔸Swelling around the vagina.
🔸Burning during urination.
🔸Pain during sex.
🔸Abnormal vaginal discharge that is whitish – grey and clumsy vaginal discharge at times watery.

The treatment of candidiasis is good antifungal medications like ketoconazole, itraconazole, clotrimazole pessary, klovinal pessary, fluconazole, Nystatin etc….The believe that yeast infection can be treated with herbs like bitter leaf , scent leaf, guava leaves, ginger, baking soda, apple cedar vinegar , garlic, aloe vera and prekese (Aidan fruit) is totally false. For example, douching with prekese or inserting prekese inside your body as a woman just to get rid of candidiasis is a waste of time and it does not work. Prekese has no antifungal property and can therefore not cure yeast infection. Inserting prekese inside your body to treat yeast infection can make a lady develop ‘toilet infection’.

Can Prekese cure candidiasis
Can Prekese cure candidiasis?

In summary, eventhough it has numerous health benefits and medicinal uses , prekese cannot cure candidiasis. Using Aidan fruit to achieve cure for your vagina yeast infection is a total waste of time.

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