Where to do D and C in Lagos, Nigeria including cost. Abortion clinics or hospitals in lagos, Nigeria.

Are you pregnant and you are planning of having an abortion via dilatation and curettage or medical abortion?

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NURSES are not trained to carry out ABORTIONS!

I repeat!No Registered Nurse was licensed to do abortions!

Abortions should only be done in licensed clinics or hospitals by qualified Doctors and/or a registered midwife!

There are 2 MAJOR types of Abortion;

• Medical abortion
• Surgical abortion which involves dilatation and curettage called D and C and vaccum aspiration.

Medical abortion is the use of pills to terminate pregnancy.
Surgical abortion involves the use of surgical instruments like Karman’s syringe used for D and C.

Which is safer?

This generally depends on how many weeks the pregnancy is.

Below 10weeks…

Medical method is relatively safe.

Surgical method is considered safe for pregnancies from 10weeks and above up to 24weeks. The problem with D and C is uterine perforation as a result of overzealous curettage. There is also the problem with infection.

In the UK and some states in the US, you can self refer yourself to see an Abortion specialist or speak to a Nurse or Doctor, give and note pertinent information.

How does an abortion pill work?

Basically, the pills work by blocking the main hormone responsible for pregnancy, cutting off blood supply to the womb(uterus) eventually leading to the breakdown and painful termination of the pregnancy, with visible bleeding.

The bleeding may persist for hours, but if it exceeds 2days and is heavy flow, you need to go back to the hospital and might need to have a surgical abortion to evacuate retained products of conception.

What to do after having an abortion;

• Use sanitary pads
•Take prescribed pain relief meds.
• Hot drinks
• It takes a while for your period to return to normal, you might still feel pregnant with pt results still positive this will resolve after your next menstrual cycle.

When is the right time to resume intercourse after having an abortion?

That is completely up to you, you can have *protected sex* as soon as you feel up to it, but will advise you wait till the flow is light or finished.

Abortions shouldn’t be leading to death if safely done…

And if instructions are well adhered to.

It is important to enlighten the populace about *Safe abortion* rather than *Abortion is a Sin* as this has lead to many abortion related deaths! Nigeria has an incidence rate of 6000 abortion-related deaths annually. Which makes me wonder why abortion is still illegal in Nigeria but causing preventable deaths. As most people run to QUACKS! and can’t even make an arrest when things go a-wire

If you have any other question that has not been answered, please feel free to drop in the comment section.

PS: MIDWIVES are LICENSED to carry out MVA (manual vacuum aspiration) and this is done for a pregnancy of less than 10 weeks with indications like inevitable, incomplete and molar pregnancies.

Now the issue is that, NOT ALL registered NURSES ARE MIDWIVES!!!


Where to do D and C in Lagos, Nigeria including cost

A lot of persons have been sending me messages wanting to ask where they can do D and C in cities like Lagos, Surulere, Lekki, Abuja , Benin city, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Kano, Enugu and so on. …A lady based in Lagos sent me a mail asking me to list out the names of Abortion hospitals in Lagos , Nigeria . Another from Abuja told to she was pregnant and requested to get a list hospitals in Abuja that do abortion…

This is answer, many hospitals or clinics in Lagos or Abuja or any part of Nigeria where abortion is carried out is never going to announce it publicly because abortion still remains illegal in Nigeria…This means that there are abortion clinics that carry out medical abortion or D and C (you and I know). Many private hospitals in Lagos do D and C…but govt hospitals don’t. So, if you are pregnant and you want to terminate the pregnancy, walk to any of the private hospitals and talk to the doctor or nurse about your intention to remove the pregnancy. They will let you know whether they do D and C or not. If they don’t , they will refer you to a standard lowkey abortion clinic in Lagos that do…yea they exist o but no be mouth you ho for hear.

The cost of D & C in most private hospitals in Lagos Nigeria is around #30,000 – #50,000 naira. Medical abortion is cheaper, it cost about #15,000 naira…but it may lead to incomplete abortion that will now require dilatation and curretage.

Abortion still be illegal in Nigeria? I don’t think so. We are already neck deep in abortion, howbeit, secretly. Our reproductive law is not liberal with abortion.

Where to do D and C in Lagos, Nigeria including cost.
Hospitals to do D and C in Nigeria + cost


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