Nurses internship salary in Nigeria. Who much does nurse interns earn in Nigeria?

I have already written about the list of approved hospital that BNSC nurse interns can do there internship here (just click). Today, it is important for us to look at the approved salary scale structure for nurse interns in Nigeria…

Yes, just like medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists and medical lab scientists, the federal government of Nigeria approved with salary, nursing internship program for university graduate nurses in 2016. Now BSC nurses now go for a mandatory one year internship program with pay before going for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). As a BNSC nurse, you must undergo your mandatory one year nursing internship before you can be your permanent nursing license by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

nurses internship salary in Nigeria
Featured Image: A nurse intern attending to a patient.

During the nursing internship training, nurses are trained to perform basic and advanced nursing skills or procedures like giving injections, administering drugs, basic nursing care, advanced nursing care, establishing a patient-nurse relationship, basic life support, advanced life support, taking delivery for a woman in labour, mother and child care, antenatal care, how to identify high risk pregnancy, how to identify pregnancy complications, wound care, operating theatre training, how to assist in surgeries, hospital managerial skills, hospital accountability, hospital economics, administration of immunization vaccines, health education and many more.

A dedicated nurse intern will also be thought intravenous cannulations, and how to possibly carry out minor surgical procedures like wound suturing and incision and drainage (I and D).

Now to the main topic of discussion:

How much are nurse interns paid in Nigeria?

A nurse intern in a federal medical centre or teaching hospital earns a salary of about #120,000 Naira monthly after tax and around 1.5 million Naira annually after tax deductions. Some nurse interns in very established private hospitals and even some state owned hospitals in northern Nigeria earns close to #200,000 a month as salary and 2.4 million Naira in a year.

With the new implemented hazard allowance for health workers, nurse interns will surely benefit.

I hope this article on nurses internship salary in Nigeria was very useful? Are you a BSC nurse that have completed her/his internship? Can you please tell us about your experience and challenges during your nursing internship program in any of the teaching hospitals or any other hospital in Nigeria? …. We will be ready to help you publish it for our thousands of readers to peruse.

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