Midwifery: A Registered Nurse Midwife salary in Nigeria? How much is a midwife nurse salary in Nigeria?

Who is a midwife nurse?

A nurse-midwife is a licensed healthcare professional who specializes in women’s reproductive health and childbirth.

Training – How to become a midwife in Nigeria

To be be a registered nurse in Nigeria, you will be trained for 3 years in any of the accredited school of nursing and midwifery in Nigeria….It takes a registered midwife 18months to become a registered nurse(she or she will go to nursing school for 1 year 6months). A secondary school leaver in Nigeria needs 6 credit load including Maths and English,Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What Does a Nurse-Midwife Do?

A nurse nurse-midwife have a variety of responsibilities including:

Attending births, taking delivery

Performing gynecological exams like vagina examination and speculum examination

Providing family planning services, prenatal care, pap smear and parent education

Giving primary care, especially for reproductive health.

Measure and monitor fetal development

Give prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, and newborn or neonatal care.

Educate expectant or new parents on nutrition

Maintain medical records and collaborate with healthcare professionals in providing specialized care

Keep up-to-date on scientific breakthroughs in reproductive or birth-related medical procedures

Offer training programs to student nurses and other nursing programs…

Nurse midwives use a number of tools in providing services, including blood pressure monitors, thermometers, fetal heart rate machine, forceps (e.g., curved, obstetrical, ring, tissue), hemostats, lancets, syringes, needle holders, and surgical scissors.

A Registered Nurse Midwife salary in Nigeria – How much does a registered nurse wife earn in Nigeria.

The salary of a nurse midwife depends on the health facility she is working ….there is some salary discrepancy between among midwife nurses that work in teaching hospitals , federal medical centres. With the new adjustment in minimum wage, the entry level salary of a midwife is about #100,000 naira monthly in federal teaching hospital which equates to 1.2 million naira annually. A senior nurse midwife called chief nursing officer (CNO) earns about #270,000 naira monthly.

Midwifery: A Registered Midwife salary in Nigeria
A registered nurse midwife attending to a pregnant woman during antenatal clinic

For the purpose of comparism, it is important to look at how much a nurse midwife earns in the UK and the United States.

In the United Kingdom, a senior nurse midwife earns between £34,000 – £38,000 pounds yearly while int he USA, a registered nurse midwife is paid $91,480 yearly.

Convert this figures to naira and see what it equates to…

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