What are the disadvantages of kayanmata? Read more in this article.

Kayan Mata historically existed as a cocktail of body treatments to make ladies stay femininely attractive in marriage. It’s for a pleasurable relationship in promotion of marital bliss. It got abused by others who introduced fetish connotations & weaponised it for wrong reasons.

Does kayanmata have disadvantages?

I have already discussed the types, recipes and uses of kayanmata in my previous articles.

Today, yours sincerely, www.nimedhealth.com.ng will like to look into the disadvantages of kayanmata.

Disadvantages of kayanmata
Kayanmata can be disadvantageous.

1. Vaginal dryness and soreness… The portions dry up the vagina lubrication organs.

2. Adverse drug interactions

3. Liver damage and liver failure

4. Kidney failure

5. Vaginal infections

6. Vaginal yeast infections since the inserted kayanmata distorts the normal flora of the vaginal and changes the PH.

7. diabolical disadvantages

8. Can badly damage relationships

9. Makes the male of female prone to some form of cancers.

10. Many women take overdose of kayanmata

11. Some persons attached spirituality and charm to kayanmata

12. Very prone to abuse.

13. Kayanmata can lead to distrust and sexual frustration…

14. Toilet infection

15. Exhaustion from over use

16. Kayanmata sugar lump can cause dryness in women

Do you have anything to add….Irrespective of the above mentioned side effects or disadvantages of kayan mata, some persons find it very beneficial.

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