How to make Adodun soap at home. Learning How To prepare adodun.

Let’s take talk about the recipes and benefits of Adodun.

Adodun is the equivalent of kayanmata in Yoruba.

In Hausa, this is called chi da ka za, It is a very potent herb and as such isn’t sold to single ladies except married women and brides to be (if you are not ready to be bonded to him, don’t use this). Please bear in mind that this is not charms or any way fetish but work of nature discovered by some wonderful northern women.

It is therefore called chicken herbs because itis prepared like concoction or agbo in Yoruba and used to prepare chicken. There are various versions to this herb such as the meat herbs, fish herbs, egg herbs, and the all
in one combination which can be boiled with chicken, fish, meat or egg. But from experience, the chicken herbs supersedes in efficiency and durability. After
the herbs is boiled with chicken, the woman is to eat it alone as it is for the revitalization of the internal structure and as well as firming of the pelvic floors.

The efficiency of this herbs keeps a man grounded and its effect can last up to 6 months and it’s a 1 (one) time use (Results vary with individuals).

There is Adodun soap. There is Adodun attraction oil. There is Adodun favor oil. There is Adodun prepared chicken as described above.

Traditional Adodun is quite beneficial to women who want to spice up their sexual relationship. Adodun soap is used for tightening.

How to make Adodun soap at home
Traditional Adodun

I noticed many ladies have how to prepare adodun but hardly share the recipes and methods online… They rather make it with their secret recipes and sell it to men and women at exorbitant prices. A cup of Adodun, I learnt cost about #4,000 – #6,000 Naira. It is a big deal as your see many persons buying from them online.

Do you know how to make Adodun at home? Please share the recipe with us. I want to learn.

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