Yes or No?: Is Amala good for diabetes?

From my mailbox:

Dear nimedhealth,

I am a diabetic. I was diagnosed of diabetes in a teaching hospital in Lagos last year November and I have been placed on sugar medications – metformin and dionil. I have been counseled that diet is also a very important in the treatment and control of diabetes.. I have been following the dietary plans of my doctor a this while ..however, I want to know if it is possible for me to start eating Amala. Is Amala good for diabetes and diabetics patients?

Is Amala good for diabetes?
Is Amala good for diabetes?


My reply:

Thank you for reaching out. I am happy you are following your doctor’s instructions on the management of your blood sugar. Now to your question. I am aware that there are very many types of Amala… and not all are good for diabetics because of their different Glycemic index… Amala with high Glycemic index like cassava Amala should be avoided while Amala from unripe plantain or unripe banana is very good for diabetic patients because of its low Glycemic Index.

Personally, I encourage my patients to eat plantain Amala (plantain swallow) because I have realized from personal experience and even from research-based studies that plantain amala does not excessively raise blood sugar. So you can go ahead and eat plantain Amala if you are diabetic. I have discussed about other foods you can eat with peace of mind on this link. Click on it and read it up.

So YES… plantain Amala is good for diabetic patients.. Enjoy it.

High Glycemic Index (GI) foods rapidly affect blood sugar, while low GI foods have a slow digestion and absorption, and produce a more gradual rise in blood sugar. Below 55 is considered low GI. So the lower it is, the better and the higher it is, the faster it affects blood sugar..

Diabetics are at a high risk of cardiovascular diseases and need to keep a check on their food and salt intake. Limit your salt intake and avoid processed, canned and starchy foods. Have no more than 2300 mg of sodium per day which is the recommended amount.

I hope I have answered your question?

Thank you

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  1. i red it over the social medial that yam AMALA is good for diabetic patient becouse it does not spak fast and the GI is not up to 70 .please confirm


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