List of Alomo Bitters ingredients.

Yours sincerely, will today look at the composition, content and ingredients that make up Alomo bitters. I will also consider writing about the ingredients that make up action bitters, yoyo bitters, orijin bitters, Ruzu bitters in the nearest future time willing.

The ingredients that make up Alomo bitters are:

1. water,

Of course Alomo bitters is a drink and it contains water. No disputing that.

2. alcohol;

Different brands of bitters contain varying levels of alcohol, Alomo Bitters contains 42% Alcohol by Volume. Alomo bitters is therefore not an ideal drink for pregnant women and even diabetics

3. sugar

That it is called bitters does not mean Alomo bitters does not contain sugar… However, nimedhealth has not seen a trustworthy literature that has quantified the sugar content of Alomo, not even the manufacturer stated it on its leaflet or label.

List of Alomo Bitters ingredients
Composition of Alomo bitters

4. plant extract such as:

kola nut,

The caffeine-containing fruit of the tree is used as a flavoring ingredient in beverages, and is the origin of the term cola. The kola nut has a bitter flavor and contains caffeine. It is chewed in many West African countries, in both private and social settings. It is often used ceremonially, presented to chiefs or guests.

In folk medicine, kola nuts are considered useful for aiding digestion when ground and mixed with honey, and are used as a remedy for coughs. [Wikipedia]


A prune is a dried plum of any cultivar, mostly the European plum (Prunus domestica).Prunes are 64% carbohydrates including dietary fiber, 2% protein, a rich source of vitamin K, and a moderate source of B vitamins and dietary minerals. The sorbitol content of dietary fiber likely provides the laxative effect associated with consuming prunes. (WIKIPEDIA)


Oakwood has primarily a preservative function for Alomo bitters and also gives Alomo bitters its flavour. Oakwood contribute to the colour, taste, and aroma of Alomo bitters as well as other bitters.

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bitter orange peel,

Bitter orange is also employed in herbal medicine as a stimulant and appetite suppressant, due to its active ingredient, synephrine. The extract of bitter orange (and bitter orange peel) has been marketed as dietary supplement purported to act as a weight-loss aid and appetite suppressant.


According to Wikipedia: wormwood is an ingredient in the spirit absinthe, and is used for flavouring in some other spirits and wines, including bitters, bäsk, vermouth and pelinkovac. As medicine, it is used for dyspepsia, as a bitter to counteract poor appetite, for various infectious diseases, Crohn’s disease, and IgA nephropathy. Excess of wormwood can trigger seizures or convulsions.

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