Can ruzu herbal bitters boost ovulation OR prevent ovulation?

Ruzu herbal bitters is a miracle herbal mixture that its man has ascribed all forms of curative properties. The manufacturer says it cures all forms of diseases known to man and said next to nothing about its side effects.

We were even told that Ruzu bitters treats all forms of menstrual disorders, boosts ovulation to promote conception and at the same time prevent ovulation to prevent pregnancy. It that not confusing….? Yeah, these herbal bitters that has flooded the Nigerian Market cumming African market are really quite unregulated and didn’t undergo any form of clinical trials. All you get is all sorts of made up “testimonies” that cannot stand the test of time.

See I come with peace, I have looked at the possible benefits that can derived from the ingredients that make up Ruzu herbal bitters (Ruzu Bitters is made from 3 key ingredients (Colocynthis-Citrullus, Curculigo-Pilosa, and Uvaria-Charmae) and none has the ability to boost or prevent ovulation. Did they tell you that Ruzu bitters contains alcohol and even caffeine?

Don’t go taking bitters with the aim of trying to conceive conceive…. They do not work!!!

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