Ruzu bitters and PCOS – does ruzu bitters cure PCOS?

#Poly_Cystic_Ovary_Syndrome PCOS

PCOS is a HORMONAL DISORDER that affects Women of REPRODUCTIVE AGE (16 – 45 years of age).

1 out of 10 (10%) of ladies are diagnosed with PCOS.

#PCOS affects woman’s hormonal levels thereby AFFECTING the OVARIES.

In HEALTHY WOMEN, the ovaries produce a very small amount of MALE HORMONES called as ANDROGEN.

But In PCOS, due to #INSULIN_RESISTANCE, the ovaries produce EXCESSIVE androgens, RATHER than the female hormones (such as Estrogen & Progesterone). ❌

These Excess #ANDROGENS are responsible for CAUSING lots of body changes SUCH as : Facial Hair (beards) & No or IRREGULAR menstrual flow.

POLY-CYSTIC means ‘Many Cysts.’

In PCoS, Many CYSTS (Small Fluid-filled Sacs containing IMMATURE EGGS) develops inside the Ovaries.

The EGGS are NEVER fully grown to TRIGGER #ovulation.

The ABSENCE of ovulation ALTERS levels of hormones. Estrogen and progesterone LEVELS FALL, while Androgen (male hormones) levels are too high.

The follicles keep growing and form multiple cysts in the ovary. This causes the ovary to ENLARGE in SIZE.

– Heredity
– Lifestyle Modifications (processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol, sedentary life. etc)
– Insulin resistance

Let me emphasize on #INSULIN_RESISTANCE Eyes

If a woman has PCOS, her body will NOT able to utilize INSULIN properly.

INSULIN is a hormone that helps the body to use sugar from foods for energy.

When Insulin is NOT used properly, the body’s demand for insulin INCREASES. And to COMPENSATE, our body produces MORE insulin. MORE AMOUNT of insulin triggers the ovaries to produce more MALE HORMONES.

That’s why we usually recommend METFORMIN as part of TREATMENT PLAN.

#SYMPTOMS_OF_PCOS ? Thinking face
– Acne
– Hirsutism (Excessive HAIR on body like face & chest)
– Obesity & Diabetes Mellitus
– #INFERTILITY* & Absence or Menstrual Irregularities


The doctor may suggest #ULTRASONOGRAPHY (USG) test to examine the cysts in the ovaries.

CERTAIN Birth control pills, Antidiabetic & Anti-androgenic drugs. (drugs won’t be listed).

DON’T take those road Side Herbal products for PCOS treatment. You may damage your womb & make it worse.

Even though it is listed as one of the diseases that it can cure, can confirm to you that Ruzu herbal bitters cannot cure PCOS.. don’t waste your time and money.

Quickly see a #DOCTOR if you have any Signs of PCOS.

Ruzu bitters and PCOS - does ruzu bitters cure PCOS
Ruzu bitters and PCOS… can it cure PCOS?

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