Ruzu Bitters and menstruation – does Ruzu bitters delay period?

Ruzu bitters, according to its manufacturer, has been ascribed to have the ability to regulate reproductive hormones and prevent scanty flow, ammenorrhea, painful menstruation, menstrual cramps heavy flow, early menopause and all other problems associated with menstruation.

Even though yours sincerely, see no relationship between Ruzu bitters and menstruation, there are many testimonies on the internet on the usefulness of Ruzu herbal bitters in regulating menstrual cycle.

Also, I can categorically tell you tell you that Ruzu bitters dosage not delay period neither does it affect your ovulation in a negative way. The ingredients that make up Ruzu bitters have no hormonal property.

I hope this answers you questions. If no, feel free to ask questions in the comments section. Thank you.

Thank you.



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