Ruzu Herbal Bitters Health Benefits. Nigerians talk about the benefits of Ruzu bitters and other bitters like yoyo bitters, Alomo bitters, orijin bitters, action bitters, and so on.

I went to town to interview some persons about the health benefits of taking bitters and these numbered comments below are a summary of what I was told were the benefits of taking bitters.

Ruzu Herbal Bitters Health Benefits
Analyzing Ruzu Herbal Bitters Health Benefits

These are the reasons people take bitters.


Ruzu herbal bitters health benefits

1. Some Nigerians I interviewed said bitters can boost immune system and regulate stomach acidity.

2. Helps build the immune system…this is the main reason many started taking bitters especially in this era of coronavirus.

3. Ruzu bitters could aid digestion, reduce indigestive discomfort and improve the daily function of the digestive system.

4. helps the body to be agile and the system to be functional.

5. Remove excess sugar and fats from the body

6. Bitters enhance sexual libido in men and women.

7. Many consumers of Ruzu bitters attributed their quest for bitter drinks on their belief that African herbs can cure many ailments.

8. it cleanses his system and makes him strong and energetic.

9. bitters also contain quinine which could boost imunity against malaria.

10. bitters can cure constipation by producing digestive enzymes.

11. Detoxification and cleansing of the body system

12. Some people use Ruzu bitters for weight loss

13..A lady interviewed by Vanguard claims she takes the Ruzu bitters or other bitters because they help in the prevention and treatment of toilet infection, since she shares the toilet in school with hundreds of persons.

14. In Nigeria, Ruzu bitters, yoyo bitters , Alomo bitters etc are considered as an aphrodisiac…. Sex enhancers

15. Nigerians view bitters as energizers.

16. Bitters also aid digestion, check sugar level, and relieve heartburn. Bitters calm upset stomach, increase absorption of fat and support liver functioning, among others.

The side effects of Ruzu bitters will be discussed in a separate article.

Caveat: These claims about the health benefits of Ruzu bitters are not the opinion of the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG @ , they are the claims of the and users – consumers of bitters.

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