What are the Side effects of Ruzu Herbal Bitters?

A lot have been said about the perceived benefits of Ruzu bitters with testimonies but real and unreal all the internet. I realised nobody including the producers have talked about the possible side effects of Ruzu herbal bitters. So yours sincerely nimedhealth.com.ng have decided to talk about the possible side effects of Ruzu herbal bitters below:

1. Hypoglycemia

Ruzu bitters just like every other bitters in the market can lower blood sugar and drive you into hypo…this is the more reason you need to stop taking the ruzu bitters, alomo bitters and other bitters on empty stomach…Make you you have eaten before you take ruzu bitters please. Ruzu contains alcohol and alcohol is a well publicized blood sugar lowering substance. Eat.

Side effects of Ruzu herbal bitters
Side effects of Ruzu herbal bitters

2. Bitter after-taste

Ruzu bitters leaves this bitter after taste in your mouth after consumption…you may say this adverse effect is trivial and not serious….the truth is, some persons find it discomforting and distasteful…..if youb are one of these persons, try and rinse your mouth with water after drinking ruzu.

3. Allergy

Some people react to herbal mixtures and Ruzu bitters being a type of package herbal concoctions is not exempted. Some notable signs of allergies are difficulty in breathing, skin itchiness, urticaria, wheals, sneezing and even running nose and red itchy eyes. Please stop taking Ruzu herbal bitters immediately you notice you have developed these symptoms after taking it.

4. Intoxication

Please be reminded that Ruzu bitters and other types of bitters contain a large percentage of alcohol (20 – 50 percent ) and can cause intoxication and addiction. Most herbal bitters are addictive and are intoxicants. Did you notice most drivers in motor parks take it every day to “shine their eyes”…that tells you it is addictive. It however makes them prone to accidents and falls.

5. Stomach ulcer and gastritis

The alcohol and even herbal content of Ruzu bitters can very much cause stomach ulcer and ga UIstritis (inflammation of the stomach walls). If you take Ruzu or Alomo bitters for a long time especially in empty stomach, you will develop a very bad and difficult to heal stomach ulcer.

6. Nausea and vomiting

All drugs taken orally can make you nauseous and vomit. Ruzu bitters like orijin can cause vomiting especially if too much of it is ingested.

7. Abdominal pains and diarrhoea

This is possible …ruzu bitters may cause tummy discomfort and purging in some of its consumers. Same with all herbal bitters.

Be careful and wary of these side effects before you jump into the consumption of herbal bitters. Not all that glitters is gold. Be warned.

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