Is onions and onion juice good for prostate health? How to use onions and onion juice for prostate health and to cure prostate diseases.

FOR A HEALTHY PROSTATE AT ALL AGES:Down pointing backhand index

Onion Remedy for prostate cancer, benign prostrate enlargement and other prostate diseases👇

Here is a simple remedy available to everyone to never suffer from prostate diseases. Those who already suffer from it can also try it. It works very well.

Know first that in all men, from 25 years the prostate accumulates toxins due to urine and semen which pass through the urethra. The prostate also participates in the composition of sperm by adding a secretion that is not entirely eliminated from this gland.

When the residual secretions stay there, it participates in its progressive intoxication. This will lead to inflammation, swelling of the gland and its inability to play its role, thus affecting sex life (sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, etc.).

To keep this gland in good condition until your old age, it is important to detoxify it periodically. Conventional medicine does not yet offer us anything concrete and reliable to protect our prostate from premature old age.

But among the panoply of solutions offered by herbal medicine, we have drawn a simple, inexpensive and less restrictive recipe: onion juice.

1- Take 8 large onions or a dozen if they are medium in size.

2- Remove the peels (dry skin of the onions) then clean properly.

3- Cut them roughly then pound them in a clean mortar. You can have them crushed on traditional furniture. Do not put them in a blender to avoid adding water.

4- Collect the pure onion juice using a scarf or a clean cloth.

5- Drink a 33cl glass of this juice.

6- Repeat the operation three weeks later, then a third time after another three weeks. That’s all. You have just rid your prostate of all kinds of toxins. The gland regains its youthful state. Repeat this series of operations every 10 years.

Even at 75 years old, without a problem with your blood circulation, you will still be firm as a young person.


It is strongly advised to take this juice in the morning on an empty stomach.

Help your brothers and friends to have healthy health naturally.


  1. I have used the white onion juice, but found it to be very caustic on your gastric linen… just imagine in an empty stomach!! Then I used the red onion, but cooked, like making a tea and drinking 3 small glasses daily… It worked wonders!! After the 2nd day I woke up to pee just once that night!


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