Is apetamin legal in Nigeria? Is apetamin NAFDAC approved?

Apetamin is basically illegal cough syrup and is not legal to sell here and in most countries…That syrup is dangerous as what have you and not even FDA approved.Yall wanna be thick that bad?!?

Some apetamin syrup marketer in Nigeria claim apetamin is NAFDAC approved… If it is true that NAFDAC approved apetamin, that means that they have certified it fit for consumption. But be reminded that the food and drug agency has not approved apetamin. Some countries in the world especially in the United States and Europe has banned the use of apetamin.

Is apetamin legal in Nigeria?
Is apetamin NAFDAC approved?

How legal is apetamin in Nigeria and globally?

Apetamin is banned in several countries, and this may be due to the fact that it contains cyproheptadine. A prescription drug like that should not be mixed with any other drugs and taken for pleasure purposes. This means that the drug would be unavailable in pharmacies and health stores. Although it exists on several websites that sell similar banned or illegal substances, it may also be marketed under various other names or with serious misinformation to cajole people into buying it, including dismissing some of the health concerns connected with consuming cyproheptadine. So one has to be careful of the kind of supplements they purchase online especially on instagram, Twitter, facebook and other social media platforms.

Also be careful as most if not all the apetamin testimonies you see on instagram (showing before and after pictures of taking apetamin) are very fake…. These testimonies are scam! Better watch it!

However, Apetamin is being used in Nigeria unabated and unrestricted. It is used by ladies for butt, breast and hip enlargement. But note, that Apetamin HAS NOT been approved National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Summary: Apetamin is an illegal drug in Nigeria and it is not approved by NAFDAC.




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