How much is Apetamin in nigeria? How much is apetamin in Lagos? Is apetamin available in Nigeria Pharmacy.

Yours favourite online health blog, has written so many articles on apetamin and I will do well to complete it by also talking about the cost of apetamin in Nigeria and well in Lagos.

Ever wondered what APETAMIN is ?
How it works ?
Possible side effects and where to buy?
Its time to learn more about the Nigeria’s best selling and award winning vitamin weight gain Solution.

How much is Apetamin in nigeria? See Cost


What Is Apetamin?

Apetamin is a supplement that comes in syrups or pills thats anorexics( people with eating disorders) or suffering from allergies.It has many nutritional and health benefits and helps people who want to gain weight fast.

Apetamin might make you drowsy for the first few days, the commonest side effect. Usually, it gets better as days go by.

Apetamin & How to Use
Both Apetamin syrup and pill formulation contain high traces of Cyproheptadine. Apetamin pills only contain Cyproheptadine. Taken alone they will stimulate your appetite and allow you to eat larger meals. Apetamin tablets are to be taken by mouth either with or without water. You can take one tablet prior to food three times a day. For better results you can pair these tablets with the Apetamin Syrup.
For women especially, who want to gain weight the healthy way, Apetamin syrup or pills is one of the best weight gainer vitamins. It is usually safe to use both for adults and children. But precaution should be taken while using other CNS depressants and sedatives.

How much is apetamin in Nigeria?

PRICE: N4,500/bottle. In Nigeria and even in Lagos the price of apetamin is around #4000 -#5500 per bottle. Though not a legal drug in Nigeria yet, many Nigerian pharmacies and supermarkets stock and sell apetamin.



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