Can klovinal be used during period?

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Dear Doctor,

I hope this message meets you in good health. I have been a faithful follower of this your wonderful blog and I enjoy every bit of it. I am pleased you pay much attention to women’s sexual and reproductive health as you dedicated a special category that talks about women’s numerous health challenges and how they can surmount it in your blog. Thank you gain. Doctor, I am writing you this message just to ask you 2 important questions… I was diagnosed of vaginal candidiasis (yeast infection) by my gynaecologist about a week ago and my doctor told me to buy klovinal, a vagina pessary to insert every evening for 12 days. Just as the doctor instructed, I bought the klovinal pessary firm a big pharmacy in Lagos and i started inserting it into my body almost immediately. However, I noticed that on the third day of my use of the pessary, I started seeing my period… That is, my monthly flow started. Doc, what do I do now? Should I stop taking the klovinal pessary until my period stops? Can klovinal be used during period? Should I keep on inserting the klovinal in spite of my period flow? I tried it while I was still on my period and must say it was just too messy… What do you think I should do doctor?

Rofiat from Lagos.

My Reply:

Thank you Rofiat. Thank you for being an ardent reader of the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG. This challenge you are facing with klovinal use is not peculiar to you at all… Inserting klovinal pessary OR any other pessary during menstruation is a big issue for almost all women. I have received countless messages from ladies asking if they could use klovinal pessary, klion D pessary, Candizole, clotrimazole pessary, canesten pessary and other pessaries during their period. Some stop using klovinal pessary during their monthly flow and resume using it immediately their flow stops. This has actually affected the efficacy and ability of klovinal to treat vaginal infections..

Please be informed that you must continue using or inserting klovinal pessary for 12 days irrespective of your menstrual flow. That is, continue using klovinal pessary even while you are seeing your period. There should be no break at….Though inserting klovinal while on your flow could messy and damp… please device a means of putting it in there every evening or night before bed and remove your pad or tampon in the morning. Rofiat, what I am saying is not out of place, it is according to the manufacturer’s of klovinal instructions. Be informed also that klovinal does not delay period.

Can klovinal be used during period?
Taking klovinal during menstruation.. Yes or no?

In summary, Can klovinal be used during period? Yes. Continue using it even in your period or flow.

Dr Udomoh


  1. Please my discharge looks like cottage cheese and I went to me doctor..I was given fluconazole, Bioflur and klovinal..but and the sixth, day I saw my period and I couldn’t insert d last klovinal..but I inserted it d 4th day of my period..pls will it work ..and I’m trying to conceive.


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